How To Get Free CP In COD Mobile

Nowadays, every CODM lover searching for How To Get Free CP In COD Mobile? Here is a legal way to get free CP in CODM. Just take a quick look.

Do you want free money to buy CP in Call of Duty Mobile?

Yes, I want and I know that this article help me a lot.

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Call of Duty Mobile is one of the best games. It has lots of beautiful in-game purchases by using CP.

We have to buy CP then we can purchase in-game items. CP prices vary from country to country, and it is expensive in many countries.

Everybody wants to buy the battle pass and other in-game purchases like weapons and paid soldiers, but not all users have enough money.

Due to this reason, a lot of users are searching for how to get free CP in cod mobile and want to earn free CP in CODM.

Users are trying illegal methods to get free CP, and most of the time either, they waste their time or are harmed by the fake methods.

These fake methods can steal your data or hack your CODM account.

But there are many legal ways to make money for your in-game purchases.

Let’s discussed those effective methods.

Get Free CP In COD mobile Here:

1. Google Opinion Rewards:

How To Get Free CP In COD mobile
Image credit: Google play store
Free CP cod mobile
Image credit: Google play store

Google opinion rewards is an app by the google surveys team. It is the most trustworthy app all over the world.

You can earn up to 1$ by answering quick surveys. Generally, these surveys take less than 2min.

Google sends you surveys around once a week, although it may be more or less frequent.

It is recommended app who travels because this app gives you more surveys if you travel more.

But don’t worry if you stay most of the time at home because still, you will get surveys.

There are lots of gamers using this app to buy in-game purchases.

The advantage of this app is you don’t need any bank account to buy free CP in COD Mobile.

That means people who don’t have a bank account can buy in-game purchases.

You should install this app and start earning now for your games.

2. Participate In Giveaways:

There are lots of streamers who provide in-game purchases through giveaways.

You should participate maximum giveaways as possible.

Generally, the participant got free skins, paid weapons, and free CP as well.

Participate in giveaways as much as possible to get decent rewards but it depends on your luck.

Don’t miss these opportunities.

3. Coda Shop:

It is not a fully-free method to get free CP in COD Mobile but it is the most trusted website that provides currency for all the famous games like PUBG, CODM, Valorant, etc.

Coda Shop provides you with some extra CP for when you bought CP from it.

It provides extra CP while buying a battle pass as well as a bundle from Coda Shop.

Along with all of these benefits, Coda Shop also gives you discounts and cashback offers.

If you are searching for a discount for CP in CODM then you will get it on Coda Shop.

4. Upstox- For Free CP:

Those who don’t have enough money to spend on gaming but they have a bank account, can use this method.

Upstox is one of the most trustworthy applications to open a free Demat account.

Use this referrals code “” to open your account and get 300 rupees, and you can use this money for trading.

You can refer to your friend and earn money instantly, and you can transfer it to your bank account.

Those who want to make money online to buy CP should use this method.

Just by sharing it with your friends, you will get 300 rupees from one referral.

Don’t waste this opportunity, just click here to install it from “Google Play Store.”


The first two methods “Google Opinion rewards and Participate in Giveaways” are especially recommended to those who don’t have any bank account and want to buy the battle pass and other in-game purchases.

Those who want to buy CP at a cheap price can buy from Coda Shop.

Those who have a bank account but they don’t have enough money to buy Battle Pass and CP in CODM should use this method to buy in-game purchases.

It is highly recommended to make money for gaming by using the 4th method “Upstox.”

You should avoid fake methods to get free CP because there is no way to get free CP or any in-game purchase.

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