Top Offline Mission Games For Android

There are lots of offline mission games for Android available on the internet but choosing the top offline mission games for Android is such a difficult task.

That’s why I created the list of these best mission games for Android offline.

Playing story mission games for Android is the best way to enjoy gaming and we all like these games.

It doesn’t matter where you are because all these games don’t require the internet and give you an immersive gaming experience.

Let’s start an exclusive list.

List of Mission Games For Android

Creating this list of the best offline action mission games for Android took me more than a month because choosing only the best game is a difficult task.

I already played all these games and seriously these are the best offline mission games for Android that everyone has to play.

So, let’s begin this journey!!!

1. Alparslan: Sultan of Seljuk

A young sultan face on left and he i on a mission with bared hand on right in the Alparslan Sultan of Seljuk offline mission games.
Required Android Version5.0 And Above

I like to play historical open-world mission games for android, and I found this game when I was looking for the story mission games for android.

After playing this game I understood and really enjoyed the Ottoman Empire as well as the Roman Empire.

I really like to ride horses & to do ancient style battles, and these are the best thing about this Alparslan: Sultan of Seljuk game.

Because it is open-world game and I got a chance to know about the ancient Middle East that’s why I love this game.

The game also has historical characters depending on the states, and protecting myself against the ancient police is another best thing in the game.

The aim is to win all the states and territories by doing huge battles with them one by one.

This game also improved your strategies-making skills during the war.

If you also like to play historical and old mission games for android then you should also play this interesting game.

There are the following features in the Alparslan: Sultan of Seljuk:-

  • Detailed open-world realistic environment
  • Immersive storyline
  • Ultimate graphics as well as controls
  • Interesting Battles with different armies

2. Rogue Strike: 200

A soldier is on mission holding weapon in Rouge Strike 200 android game.
Required Android Version6.0 And Above

Everyone who loves John Wick will also love this game because Rogue Strike 200 is one of the best action mission games for android having John Wick as the main protagonist.

It is a third-person perspective game in which we have to kill all the enemies like John Wick.

There are more than 250 skills, and we can make any combination to kill our enemies.

Building a perfect strategy just like John Wick is one of the main parts in this game.

Whenever I am talking about the top 10 mission games for android then I always include Rogue Strike 200.

3. This War of Mine

A son is saying daddy daddy and run towards his daddy to hug him. Everything is black and white only in this war of mine offline story mission game for android.
Required Android Version5.0 And Above

I found this game when I was looking for an emotional story mission games for android in 2D with insane graphics quality.

It is a survival game, and I like this game because in this game I don’t have to play as a soldier just like other survival games.

There is a civilization that is struggling with a lack of medicine, and food and they are always in fear due to snipers as well as hostile scavengers.

This game has a night cycle, during the day there are lots of snippers outside so I have to maintain my hideout.

During the day, I need to craft and take care of my survivors.

At night, I have to take out one of the survivors from the hideout to the new locations to collect item for the survivors.

This War is Mine is always be included in the list of top ten mission games for android because of its unique immersive storyline gameplay.

Key Features of This War of Mine:-

  • This game is inspired by real-life war situations.
  •  Control the survivors as well as maintain the shelter.
  •  Have to craft things for survival just like in real life such as beds, alcohol, beds, stoves, and other things.
  •  Have to make decisions to save more survivors.
  •  Every time on restarted the game, I got a new randomized environment.
  •  Classical style dark attractive graphics that I love.

4. Bright Memory Mobile

Offline mission game bright memory mobile in which main protagonist is on mission and using multiple weapons like guns and swords. This game is in FPS.
Required Android Version5.0 And Above

Bright Memory Mobile is another game futuristic game that I like the most.

It is truly one of the ultimate mission games for android along with insane graphics.

It is an ideal game for everyone including me who likes to play first-person shooter story-based game.

The game has stunning visuals and has immersive storyline as well as amazing sound quality.

Yes it is futuristic and new mission games for android.

5. Battleops

The main protagonist is jumped from a plane just like battle royale games. Main protagonist holding weapon and it is in FPS.
Required Android Version5.0 And Above

I found Battleops when I was looking for the FPS shooter military-based shooter games for Android.

I like this game because it is one of the best open world mission games for android and there are multiple chapters and each chapter has its own unique levels.

Initially, I am a former military expert, and I wake up one day after being unconscious for a long time.

Now, I see that the world has been taken over by zombies and I have to understand why there are zombies everywhere.

Battleops is a true action intense military android game and it is always considered in the list of top 10 offline mission games for android.

I have to unlock the new weapons, bosses, and enemies and have to complete missions.

There are the following modes in the game:-

  • Offline PVP mode
  • Zombie mode
  • Story mode/ Campaign mode (my favorite)

Additional features of Battleops:-

  • There are four multiplayer modes available in the game.
  •  Fully customizable controls
  •  Game progress doesn’t depend on any single mode.
  •  Interesting intense storyline
  •  Missions include helicopters as well as snipers also.
  •  Overall Battleops is a first-person shooter action and storybase game.

6. Dead Effect 2

Soldier with futuristic armor and futuristic weapons are fighting against aliens in dead effect 2 story mission game.
Required Android Version4.4 And Above

I already played the Dead Effect, and I really like it.

It is one of the best mission games for android free download and one of the best sci-fi shooter RPGs (role-playing games).

As it is a sci-fi game, therefore its weapons are also futuristic style, and I like these weapons.

Along with weapons I also like high-tech body implants and gear in this game.

Seriously, the game has stunning graphics as well as sound quality and it is another reason why I like this game.

There are 3 different characters, and I can play with anyone I want.

100+ sci-fi body implants and 20+ futuristic-style sci-fi weapons in this game are fully upgradable.

I really enjoy playing this immersive 20+ hours of campaign gameplay as well as 10+ hours of special-style missions.

If you are also looking on internet as video game mission games for android then dead effect 2 is a best game for you.

Key features of Dead Effect 2:

  • Ultimate console-quality graphics along with stunning sound quality.
  •  Full support of controllers.
  •  We can customize controls as per our requirements
  •  Compatible with Nvidia shield devices.

7. Cover Fire: Offline Shooting

A soldier in a forest with knife and other weapons in forest in cover fire offline shooting mission game.
Required Android Version8.0 And Above

I found Cover Fire Offline Shooting game when I was looking for the best shooting mission games for Android.

I like this game because it has offline single-player campaign mode as well as it also has online mode battles.

Now, Cover Fire has 12+ new chapters for us so we can enjoy its thrilling story mode.

Initially, there were lots of weapons that were locked but by playing the game I unlocked as well as upgraded all of them.

There are some of the best iconic guns, snipers, shotguns, and grenades for war lovers.

The controls are fully customizable, and I already customized them as per my requirements.

I like its offline zombie virus event in which I have to kill zombies everywhere and have to save survivors.

Seriously, If you are looking for the which is the best mission games for android then Cover Fire is your answer.

Key features of the Cover Fire game:

  • Offline as well as online game modes.
  •  3D sniper events and ultimate sniping experience.
  •  Easy to control, and we can play it on low-end devices also.
  •  Stunning graphics and sound quality.
  •  Zombie based events.

8. Freedom Strike

The main protagonist holding a gun in freedom strike game in FPP mode.
Required Android Version5.1 And Above

Freedom Strike is another first-person perspective and one of the best offline mission games for android free download that I like to play.

This game has old graphics but also has immersive gameplay.

I only need to aim and shoot towards the enemy, and that makes it easy enjoyable game.

Pistols, shotguns, and long-range rifles are available, and I like to play with rifles first.

Sometimes I like to play easy and simple mission games for android free, therefore I added Freedom Strike in this list.

9. ATSS 2

A soldier holding a weapon in ATSS 2 game where he is shooting down the enemies.
Required Android Version5.1 And Above

I found this game when I was looking for the best offline shooting mission games for android download that has stunning graphics, campaign mode as well as zombie mode.

It is an FPS offline mission games for android free download game where I have to play as a commando and I have options to choose weapons.

In this game, I have to save the city by destroying the laboratories of extraction city of thugs.

There are many modes in the game such as campaign mode, multiplayer mode, and zombie mode.

I like to play its campaign mode because of its immersive storyline in which I have to save the city from the thugs.

The best feature of this game is its offline multiplayer mode.

I really like to play with my friend in offline mode without any internet connection, and I enjoyed it.

Truly, ATSS 2 is an action-packed stunning graphics mission games for android download with an immersive storyline.

Key features of ATSS 2:

  • Fully customizable character options.
  • Story mode, offline multiplayer mode, and zombie mode are available to enjoy.
  • I can make my companion animals like moose, rabbit, fox, bear, and deer.
  • Weapons are fully customizable and upgradeable.

10. Neon Shadow: Cyberpunk 3D Firs

A soldier in space with futuristic armor and weapons in neon shadow cyberpunk 3d firs game. He is on a mission and shooting down the alien enemies.
Required Android Version5.1 And Above

I found Neon Shadow Cyberpunk 3D Firs when I was looking for a new version mission games for android, and I really like this game.

I like this game because there are enemies that are machines, and insane weapons are available to kill them.

There is also a mode in which I can fight against the bots in multiplayer mode and it is so relaxing mode.

It also has only modes including death match, mutant, and instakill.

The rifles are only good enough for small machines, but I like to use plasma guns and rocket launches to kill all kinds of machines and drones.

Seriously Neon Shadow Cyberpunk 3D Firs is truly a space based ultimate mission games for android that you need to play.

Key features of Neon Shadow:

  • Futuristic environment and weapons with high graphics & sound quality.
  • Multiple game modes are available including online as well as offline.
  • Upgradable weapons and labs are available.
  • Easy controls so you can enjoy the game.


So, these are the top offline mission games for Android, and I like to play all of these games.

Which game you like the most? Let me know in the comment please.

I personally like the open-world mission games for Android like Alparslan Sultan of Seljuk.

All these games are ultimate mission games for Android, and if you haven’t finished this list, then you should play all these games.

If you like to play any other offline mission game for Android that is not mentioned in this list, then comment on that game’s name.

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