Best Bus Simulator Driving Games For Android

There are lots of best bus simulator driving games for android available on the internet but choosing the best suitable bus game download for you is one of the difficult tasks.

I created this list of best bus driving games so everyone can pick up any free bus simulator game and they will enjoy it.

So, let’s go and begin this list.

List of Bus Simulator Games For Android

All these bus driving games in this list are the most popular best bus games for android worldwide.

You can pick any simulation game on the list and start playing it without thinking because all these bus games are best bus driving games for android.

This list has bus driving games for all kinds of age groups as well as all types of android devices.

So, let’s start this list.

1. Bus Simulator : Ultimate

Blue, yellow, white, and gray buses in bus simulator ultimate bus driving game for android.
Required Android Version5.1 and Above

I was looking for the high graphics bus driving simulator games and I got Bus Simulator Ultimate download on Play Store.

The best thing about this bus simulator game is that the creator of this bus simulator game is the same who created the Truck Simulator Ultimate game.

One of the best features of Bus Simulator Ultimate is that it supports the free multiplayer mode.

This free bus simulator game is not just about driving the buses only but also I have to run the greatest bus company ever in 20,000 and multiple countries.

Yes, Bus Simulator Ultimate gives me the experience of worldwide buses.

This free bus simulator is so realistic that, even passengers’ reactions are realistic as well as social just like the real world.

I have to manage my bus business so I have to hire more employees to maximize the profit.

Bus Simulator Ultimate also has 25+ language support.

The key features of Bus Simulator Ultimate:

  • 300+ working bus terminals are under my company.
  •  35+ coach buses are available.
  •  Extremely detailed cockpit.
  •  passengers who traveled on my bus can provide a review to me.
  •  Dynamic weather conditions including rain, snow, etc. based on location.
  •  Highway toll system and traffic light system.
  •  Realistic sound quality and realistic graphics.

2. Bus Simulator Indonesia

Old and new buses in dust in Bus Simulator Indonesia driving game.
ModeOffline/ Online
Required Android Version5.1 and Above

Bus Simulator Indonesia download is personally my favorite mobile bus simulator game.

It is set in the Indonesian environment and It is the only bus driving simulator game in which the Indonesian environment is shown with details.

In this bus driving simulator game, I can design the livery the way I want, and it is really a creative feature of the top 10 bus game.

The best thing about this Bus Simulator Indonesia is that there are no in-game ads while driving the bus.

I like to play it in offline mode but it also has online mode with multiplayer convoy.

The good thing about Bus Simulator Indonesia is that the developers are continuously working on the game to improve the user experience.

The key features of Bus Simulator Indonesia:-

  • Easy to control the bus
  • High graphics detailed Indonesian cities.
  • Indonesian buses are cool and full of fun honks.
  • Online multiplayer convoy support

3. Bus Simulator 2023

Back side of red color bus running on road in the evening in Bus Simulator 2023 game.
Required Android Version6.0 and Above

I found Bus Simulator 2023 when I was looking for a detailed map from all over the world and a variety of buses including city buses, coach buses, and school buses.

In this bus simulator free game, the interior of the buses is ultra-realistic, and its realistic engine with realistic physics makes me a fan of this free bus simulator game.

Bus Simulator 2023 has next-generation graphics, and I like to play it in offline mode but online mode also to play with friends.

I already drive the buses running on electricity, diesel, and hybrid fuel.

While playing the this mobile bus simulator game, I can hire drivers for my buses and schedule the custom routes.

Key features of Bus Simulator 2023:-

  • I can customize buses the way I want including paints, AC, accessories, etc.
  • Modern buses, coach buses, and school buses are available to drive.
  • Offline career mode, offline free ride mode, and online multiplayer mode are available to play.
  • Realistic and detailed customizable interior.
  • Automatic doors of the buses for entering and exiting people.
  • Dynamic weather conditions and locations include mountains, desert, snow, city, and countryside.
  • Realistic traffic system.

4. Coach Bus Simulator

Yellow, Green, White, and colorful buses in Coach Bus Simulator game.
ModeOffline/ Online
Required Android Version5.0 and Above

I found Coach Bus Simulator when I was looking for a unique kind of bus driving simulator game that has open-world maps and beautiful landscapes.

The realistic interior of the bus makes me feel wonderful while driving the bus.

This realistic bus driving game is simple, I have to pick up people from one place and have to drop another city or location.

Key features of Coach Bus Simulator:-

  • Open world maps with beautiful landscapes.
  • Detailed and beautiful interior of buses.
  • I can customize the buses.
  • I can hire more employees to run my company.
  • Dynamic weather conditions and a realistic environment.
  • Realistic damage effects.
  • A multiplayer option is available to play with friends.

5. Public Transport Simulator

White color bus in which passenger going inside it in Public Transport Simulator driving game for android.
Required Android Version5.0 and Above

I found the Public Transport Simulator bus driving game when I was looking for a world bus driving simulator in which I can drive more public transport vehicles along with the buses.

The best thing about this realistic bus simulator game is that, it also has busy roads, and that really makes it a more interesting game.

There are more than 48 vehicles to drive in the game, and it won’t make me bored.

The cinematic reply when my vehicle crashes, and then passengers fall out from the vehicle is the coolest part of the this best bus driver game.

Along with the graphics, the Public Transport Simulator also has realistic physics effects.

To unlock more vehicles as well as modes, I completed more and more missions.

Key features of Public Transport Simulator:-

  • Realistic graphics and damage to vehicles.
  • Cool action replies when the vehicle crashes and the passenger falls out of it.
  • 48 different types of vehicles are available to drive.
  • Busy roads and 3 coach buses.

6. Baby Panda’s School Bus

Yellow color buses, pandas, and other animals in Baby Panda's School Bus simulator game for android.
Required Android Version5.1 and Above

I was feeling childish, and yes being childish sometimes really good for your mood, health, and relaxation.

That time I found this cute Baby Panda’s School Bus driving game, and I found it is really a beautiful best bus game download I have ever played.

Not only buses, I got a chance to drive police cars, fire trucks, and other vehicles.

The best thing about Baby Panda’s School Bus is that I have to drive to perform multiple tasks.

Sometimes I have to pick up the students and drop them off at school for study and hospital for medical checkups.

I also have to maintain my car by taking it for repair, petrol pump, and car wash.

Seriously, it is a wonderful bus game download for mind relaxation.

Key features of Baby Panda’s School Bus:-

  • School buses, fire trucks, trains, construction trucks, and police cars are available to drive.
  • Support of offline gameplay.
  • 3D cartoonist characters and stunning graphics.
  • More than 30 different types of tasks have to be performed in the game.

7. Bus Jam

Bus Jam driving simulator game in which color passengers are standing in multiple queue.
Required Android Version8.0 and Above

Bus Jam is another mind-relaxing bus game download, and I found it when I was looking for a simple best bus driving games for Android.

You have to adjust all the passengers on the bus as per their code.

This is a calm game that gives me ultimate relief, and I really like to play best bus simulator games for android.

Yes, the top 10 bus game has good graphics, and I really like these kinds of realistic bus driving games because they are easy and give me ultimate fun.

8. Dinosaur Bus Games For Kids

Yellow color buses in which dinosaurs are sitting inside and dinosaurs are driving the bus in Dinosaur Bus Games For Kids.
Required Android Version6.0 and Above

I found Dinosaur Bus Games For Kids when I was looking for a totally different kind of bus game download.

This game doesn’t have humans, instead it has dinosaurs and other animals.

If you are looking for a relaxing bus driving game, then this is the best choice for you, and you have to play Dinosaur Bus Games For Kids at least once.

Key features of Dinosaur Bus Games For Kids:-

  • Fully customizable buses are available in the game.
  • Realistic environments like dunes and terrains.
  • Offline uninterrupted gameplay.
  • Relaxing game for kids

9. Bus Arrival

purple color buses on road having heavy traffic are full of passengers in Bus Arrival best driving simulator game for android.
Required Android Version5.1 and Above

I was looking for a simple classical-style best bus driver game that I could play in portrait mode, and then I found the Bus Arrival game.

Busy roads are one of the best things about this offline bus game because I like to drive buses on busy roads.

I really like the graphics and visuals of the offline bus game because it looks like a painting.

The aim is to pick up and drop the passengers to the destination.

10. School Bus Simulator Driving

Red, blue, and yellow school buses in School Bus Simulator Driving game for Android
Required Android Version5.1 and Above

School Bus Simulator Driving game is one of my favorite realistic bus driving games because I have to drive for the students as well as for the teachers.

During these bus journeys, I have to take care of heavy traffic and always have to arrive on time.

Key features of School Bus Simulator Driving:-

  • More than 110 missions with more than 20 bonus levels.
  • Two largest cities and 145 types of buses to drive.
  • Go on trips with students, the dean, and teachers.
  • I can customize the buses the way I want.
  • Realistic physics and stunning graphics.


So, these are the best driving games.

This list has bus driving games for all age groups and the best choice for you.

Bus Simulator Ultimate download and Bus Simulator Indonesia download are the already most popular games and best world bus driving simulator games.

I also created one list of Train simulation games and you have to check it out.

Which game you like the most? Tell us in the comments.

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