Download Best Indian Train Simulator Games

Download Indian Train Simulator and some of the other high graphics train simulation games.

If you are a fan of simulation games, especially train simulation games, then you are in right place.

Lots of people like to play simulation games on android, pc as well as on consoles.

Here, we are going to tell you about top train simulation games.

In fact, most of them are available for your pc also.

Yes, you can easily download these games just be clicking on the “Download” button.

Highbrow Interactive is a well-known expert for making high graphics train simulation games.

You should definitely play these games at least once in your life.

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So, let’s go!!!

Indian Train Simulator

Indian Train Simulator is a high graphics train simulation game after Euro Train Simulator.

The first version of the Indian Train Simulator was released on 13 September 2016.

Indian Train Simulator has 4.2 ratings on the play store with 5.25 lakhs+ reviews.

The game has realistic and varying environment weather conditions as well as other real-life train conditions.

Now, developers introduced a story mode in Indian Train Simulator to make it a more interesting game.

This game offers you to live life as a loco pilot.

If you already played its first season then, you already about Karthik Kumar and his career journey in Indian Railways.

Indian Train Simulator gives full control over game settings and other options.

One of the best features of the Indian Train Simulator is that “you can change the track while driving.”

Also, the Indian Train simulator has a fully functional signal system which makes it a more realistic game.

Just like in real life, not every train going to stop at all the stations.

If you are an Indian or looking for an Indian Train Simulation game, then you should play the Indian Train Simulator game now.

The game has 10Million+ downloads on the play store, and the size of the game is just 140MB.

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Games Like Indian Train Simulator

Let’s know about some high graphics games similar to Indian Train Simulator.

If you have already experienced Indian Train Simulator, then you should try these train simulation games.

Let’s go!!!

1. Indonesian Train Simulator

Indonesian Train Simulator is a simulation for train lovers

The “Indonesian Train Simulator” is another one of the highest graphics train simulation game among all the train simulation games.

“Indonesian Train Simulator” has already 10Millions+ download on the play store.

It has 4.1 ratings on the play store along with 169k reviews.

In fact, “Indonesian Train Simulator” is not only for mobile but you can play it on your pc also.

You can directly download it for pc from the play store.

“Indonesian Train Simulator is developed by the same developed by developers who developed Indian Train Simulator.

Same as the Indian Train Simulator, the “Indonesian Train Simulator also has a track-changing system as well as a signaling system.

But, here you get all the railway environment according to Indonesia.

It is one of the best games for those who are looking for an alternative to Indian Train Simulator.

The size of the game is just 120MB, and the game has high graphics.

2. Euro Train Simulator

Euro Train Simulator is a best simulation game

The “Euro Train Simulator” is a well-developed game along with detailing.

“Euro Train Simulator” has 10Millions+ downloads on the play store.

It has 4.0 ratings on the play store along with 174k reviews.

Game covers almost all the popular destinations in Europe which means you can visit Europe digitally.

“Euro Train Simulator” allows you to visit Germany, Italy, France, and Spain.

You should definitely play career mode to unlock more destinations as well as more trains.

“Euro Train Simulator” has dynamic weather conditions that make it a more interesting as well as enjoyable game.

The size of the game is just 55MB, and of course, the game has ultra-high graphics.

3. Euro Train Simulator 2

Euro Train Simulator 2 is a simulation game

Those who like to play simulation games, especially locomotives-related games, should definitely play “Euro Train Simulator 2.”

“Euro Train Simulator 2” is also developed by Highbrow Interactive, Yes, they are also the developer of the above train simulation games.

The “Euro Train Simulator 2” is the first mobile train simulation game to feature officially-licensed real trains from German train operator Deutsche Bahn.

“Euro Train Simulator 2” is the topmost know train simulation game.

In fact, this is the only game that covers most of the world’s destinations.

“Euro Train Simulator 2” has a hyper-realistic weather system having an insane level of detail.

These dynamic weather conditions make this game more beautiful as well as amazing.

“Euro Train Simulator 2” already has 5Mllions+ downloads on the play store.

It has 4.2 ratings on the play store with 32k reviews.

The size of the game is just 150MB along with ultra-high graphics.

4. Classic Train Simulator

Classic Train Simulator is a simulation game

The “Classic Train Simulator” is the first game of this kind, because this game changes the mindset of train simulation games.

The game is a little bit different compared to the “Indian Train Simulation” because it has steam engines.

Yes, This game is dedicated to the steam engine era, and those who want to know about that time should definitely play this game.

The “Classic Train Simulator” has American and British Trains that give you historical vibes.

To unlock more trains and routes you should play Career mode.

The size of the game is just 75MB, and the game has good graphics.

“Classic Train Simulator” already has 500k downloads on the play store.

In fact, you can download it from the play store for your pc also because this game is available for pc also.

The game has 3.9 ratings on the play store along with 3k reviews.

5. Indian Train Traveller

Indian Train Traveller is a train simulation for train lovers

If are looking for something more after all these train simulation games then play “Indian Train Traveller.”

“Indian Train Traveller” is a game that allows you to travel as a passenger on Indian Trains.

First, you have to buy a ticket and board the right train.

Be careful, do not board the wrong train.

You have to take care of your character because you can be hungry, thirsty, or maybe you have to go to the toilet.

Just like in real life you have to take care of yourself.

You have to travel from one destination to other and you have to buy food and water for yourself.

Remember that, don’t forget about how much money and time you have, because you can run out of time or money.

“Indian Train Traveller” is a well-known game, and it has 1Million+ downloads on the play store.

The size of the game is just 75MB.

“Indian Train Traveller” has 4.0 ratings with 33k reviews on the play store.


So, Indian Train Simulator is a high graphics game for your mobile devices.

Those who like to play simulation games should definitely play Indian Train Simulator.

But there is one thing is that Indian Train Simulator isn’t available for pc yet.

So, if you like to play train simulation games on your pc, then you can play other mentioned games.

All the other mentioned games are available for mobile as well as pc also.

It is recommended that “Euro Train Simulator 1 & 2.”

That’s about train simulation games.

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