Best Games For Android 2023 | New Android Games

Let’s read about top 10 new best games for android with high graphics (Online/Offline).

1. Apex Legends Mobile:

Apex Legends Mobile

There are many youtubers who posted many videos like “How to download Apex Legends Mobile in your mobile phones”. Some users have downloaded it and other gets notice as servers are full.

Apex Legends Mobile is in its beta stages, it is not launched yet for all the users.

Most important thing is this beta version is closed, means it is not available for all the users instead of that only 1000-2000 user can downloaded it.

Those users who downloaded it are comes under closed beta part. This is not open beta version so, don’t worry if you are not able to download it.

The graphics of the looks good but characters movements are slow so, some users got disappointment. Share your views in the comment section below.

2. Devil May Cry Mobile:

Devil May Cry Mobile

This game is in highlight since long time and everybody like it. Earlier problem was you were not able to download it from play store but now you can download it from play store but still it is in its early stages. Download it and provide your feedback.

The graphics of the game looks good and belongs to DMCA series means same stories that was earlier available on pcs and consoles only not available for mobile also.

3. One Piece Fighting Path:

One Piece Fighting Path

It is an anime game and it is based on one plus anime series. It is an open world RPG game means you can play it with your friends.

This game is full of fighting scenes along with good graphics. Download it now from Tap tap store.


1. DOA: Defenders of Avalon

4. Puzzle Driver:

Puzzle Driver

Puzzle driver is an amazing game with good graphics. You have to complete more than 100 level in this game and visually it is an stunning game.

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1. Elite X- Street Racer: This game involves all the things just like trending racing games with good graphics.

2. Geta Race: You will get 4 to 5 different locations, numbers of cars with customized settings.

5. Lost Mystic Ornament- Action RPG:

Lost Mystic Ornament- Action RPG

Many users know this game as god of war mobile because you will see the similar environment and fight style just like god of war and even characters are also like god of war.

You have to fight with bosses and visually it is a stunning game. If you are looking for god of war mobile then you should try it.


1. The Garden of Orilon Protector: This game is developed by a solo developer.

6. Zombie Defense 2:

Zombie Defense 2

It is a story based game in which you have to fight with zombies. You have to shoot all the zombies in this game. The graphics of the game looks good so, you should try this one also.


1. Angel Squad Game: You can play it with your friends also. Visually it is a stunning game.

7. Grow


It is a battle royale game in which you will become giants after fight with your enemies or you will got lucky weapons. After eating souls of your enemies you will become a titan.

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1. Magic Punk: It is a chapter based story game in which magical spells are used.

8. Heroes Impact: Battle Arena:

Heroes Impact: Battle Arena

Users can choose their own hero characters and interesting thing about this game is all the characters are free in this game.

There are two teams in this game and both team have to catch the flag of enemy team.


1. Herostars: It is a PVP battle game and you can play it with your friends.

9. Evan’s Remains:

Evan's Remains

Evan’s Remains is a puzzle game in which levels get more difficult. If you like to play puzzle game then you should try this game.


1. Family Farm Adventure: This is an interesting game like coc.

10. Zombie Survival: Haze:

Zombie Survival: Haze

It is an open world environment game in which you have to fight against zombies. If you like crafting games then you should try this game because it is also a crafting game along with fighting.

This game already include all the things you want in this type of game.


1. Windy City: In this game you have to fight with zombies and another real players. This is an unique game.

So, that’s all about best games for android 2022. You should read more blog posts to get more information about the video games.

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