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1. Apex Legends Mobile:

Apex Legends Mobile

Almost all the gamers know that apex legends mobile will be available for mobile devices very soon.

The NDI (non-discloser agreement), in which the game is available to only 150 users. So, they can give their feedback to developers.

India is one of the largest markets for battle royale games. In India, closed beta testing was successfully done, and now closed beta testing is in process in the Philippines so, the user will provide their feedback to make this game better.

After closed beta testing, the game will be launched for soft beta testing where approximately all the users can play this game without using VPN.
The soft beta testing will begin around July or August month.

Apex Legends Mobile company EA said that soft beta testing will be done in July and August & the game will be launch at the end of the year.
So, you may get this game on the play store in September globally.

2. Valorant Mobile:

Valorant Mobile
Valorant Mobile

Many users think they didn’t get any official announcement or any news about the Valorant mobile game.

It all started when developers found mobile game codes inside the Valorant pc game. According to sources, Valorant mobile will be going to be announcing this summer.

Do you know? The E3 event will happen this summer in which all the top companies will reveal their games. E3 event is a Top gaming event which is known as Electronic Entertainment Expo.

May will get a trailer or announcement of the Valorant mobile & after that NDA of the will be done.

If this happens, then closed beta testing may be done in September or November & at the end of the year, the game may be ready for the soft launch. So, let’s wait for the E3 event.

3. Call of Duty Warzone Mobile:

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

Users are exciting for call of duty warzone mobile because it comes on mobile it may be going to be popular as pubg.

Earlier all the gamers are confused that, the call of duty warzone mobile going to a separate game or going to merge in call of duty mobile.

Activision hiring some tailor designers, game designers, and senior editors, etc. To work on call of duty mobile and warzone, and later they change it to only call of duty mobile. That means the call of duty warzone mobile will going to launch as a stand-alone edition.

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4. Battlefield Mobile:

Battlefield Mobile

EA officially announced that they are working on a battlefield mobile game. The beta testing of the battlefield game will be going to do between August & September & it will be launch in 2022.

5. Just Cause Mobile:

Just Cause Mobile

Just cause mobile not going to be well as we think. We only get 4 vs 4 coop missions and only 30 players battle royale mode.

We will get a chance to use tanks, helicopters, bikes, and cars, etc. One of the worst things according to users is the angle of the gameplay. Developers are still working on it to provide a story-based mission also.

6. Rocket League Mobile:

Rocket League Mobile

Almost all the gamers know that, there is one game may known as rocket league sideswipe mobile going to launch very soon.

Rocket league mobile going to be a port version of pc game but it will become a standalone game in which multiplayer support will be available.

7. Near Reincarnation:

Near Reincarnation
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Most users already know about its pc version game but now this will available for mobile devices also with the same graphics as pc.

It is a story-based game in which you have to solve interesting puzzles.

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8. The Witcher Monster Slayer:

The Witcher Monster Slayer

The witcher is one of the popular series on the pcs and consoles. Do you know? A series of Netflix is also available on it.

Now, it will be going to available for mobiles also. But it will be going to be similar to Pokemon go.

So, if you like to play pokemon go then you will like to play this game also.

9. The Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier:

The Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

The final fantasy is well-known series for gamers. Now the developers are going to add battle royale mode in it.

Because battle royale games are so popular that every gaming company wants to launch battle royale games.

10. Devil May Cry Mobile:

Devil May Cry  Mobile

Devil may cry mobile announced about 2-3 years ago. Now it is available for mobile devices on the play store.

If your devices support it then download it and enjoy the gameplay.

Don’t worry if your mobile has not supported this game yet. Because in the upcoming months this game will be going to support almost all mobile devices.

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