BGMI might get ban again!! Not because of any of the politicians. This time it is a serious matter so, read more about the BGMI.

As you already know that there are many politicians & others people requesting to ban BGMI in India.

All these things are well known before the early access launch.

Member of Parliament in the Lok Sabha Mr. Arvind Dharmapuri from Nizamabad, Telangana, and MLA of Arunachal Mr. Pradesh Ninong Ering and other people. They are requesting to Government of India to ban BGMI in Indian again because it is a security of threat to India.

But nothing happened and early access to BGMI has been launched. Now things are going seriously. Let’s know why things are now serious.

Why Things are Serious Now?


Things are serious now because The CAIT (Confederation of All India Traders) is involved in this matter. It is an Organization of traders and famous in the world. CAIT requesting to Government of India to ban BGMI immediately.

The secretary of CAIT Mr. Praveen Khandelwal tags IT Minister Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad in a tweet. He is requesting to ban BGMI immediately in that tweet. Because BGMI is not only a threat to India but also is a threat to Indian youngsters.

Why Everyone Want to Ban BGMI?

There is a piece of information given by the world’s most popular informatic IGN gaming website about BGMI. IGN provides the latest gaming information.

Their latest article gives us a shocking result. BGMI is sending all the information of the user to Indian servers as well as Chinese servers.

Before launching early access the Krafton Company promise that BGMI data will be only stored in Indian servers or Singapore servers and there will be no relation with Chinese company Tencent.

But things are not happening as Krafton promise to India, Still Krafton sending BGMI data to Chinese servers.

All these things started when IGN downloaded a data pack sniffer app on their mobile.

The data pack sniffer app gives all the information of your mobile data communication from all servers. IGN got shocking results after playing BGMI.


IGN started playing BGMI on their phone, it connects to Indian servers, Singapore servers, and China communication mobile corporation also.

This Chinese server is located in Beijing China.

Now, the question is “why Indian data leaks to China?”

Do you know? When you open BGMI then it pings to Tencent company, which Means Krafton still sending locations to Tencent company.

The conclusion of all of these is “Our Data is still stolen by China using BGMI and with help of Krafton company.”

Krafton is sending Indian data to Chinese servers and ping to Tencent.

Due to the same reason, the earlier government of India banned more than 110 apps in India including PUBG Mobile.

BGMI Working Secretly:

First, they uploaded trailers without showing gameplay in it just to create hype in India.

After that game was available on the website using the APK OBB method.

Then it is available on the Play store using the early access method and not officially.

You may think that why Kraton is doing all these kinds of things? and the answer to this question is “Krafton is rebranding PUBG Mobile.”

Let’s Know The Facts:

Rebranding means remake, they just created a new logo of PUBG Mobile as BGMI.

Krafton is a multi-billion dollar company and they made millions of dollars from India. Their average monthly income is more than 40 Million.

They get instant 5 Million downloads of the BGMI. Still, what they give to the Indian users now we all know that.

Due to security reasons, PUBG was banned about a year ago. Still, they are using rebranding tactics and re-launching PUBG Mobile as BGMI.

They didn’t make any new game for the Indian audience. They just make a new logo and convert the game name from PUBG Mobile to BGMI.

If BGMI is a new game then how it is directly reached to season 19?

If BGMI is a new game then, why there are the same maps as PUBG Mobile, the Same modes as PUBG, the same environment, same locations, same gameplay experience?

Nothing is different.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a remake of PUBG Mobile.

Do you know India is a biggest gaming market? Still Krafton didn’t give us any new game.

Now, 90% is chances that BGMI will be banned very soon in India.

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