Blade and Soul 2 Download Link For Android

Here is Blade and Soul 2 download link for android. Know one trick before playing the game after installation to get OTP verification.

Yes, we are talking about “blade and soul 2” video game having top-notch graphics & visuals.

The graphics of the game is just like console and pc games.

Lots of users are facing problems in playing this game, selecting proper servers, and many more.

So, you should read the full article and avoid all these problems.

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Let’s go!!!

About Blade and Soul 2:

“Blade & Soul 2” is an orthodox sequel to the popular MMORPG game “Blade & Soul”.

The developer and publisher of this sequel is one of the leading gaming publishers in the world NCsoft video game company.

NCsoft company was established in 1997 and headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.

Blade and Soul 2 supports mobile devices and PC cross-platform games.

You can use your same account to play on different devices.

Blade and soul 2 is new mysteries based game for android
Blade and soul 2 video game

You are a legend in this game, and you can explore more unknown areas as well as touch the mysteries.

“Blade & Soul 2” is full of fighting action and freedom of operation, and the monsters in the game make it more actionable.

The monster will show a variety of changes according to the player’s actions, which will increase the tension of the battle.

Your player can also use lots of skills in the battle.

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How to Download Blade and Soul 2:

The size of the game is about 4GB and the game is online.

First, you have to download apk files of 700MB and then internal data.

Download and install the game first after that you have to follow all the steps.

  • Use your google I’d for the login.
  • Choose one server having a green mark only.

After that, it will ask you to enter your mobile number. But here is one trick that most people suffering from.

  • Select your country code before entering the mobile number and then place 0 before your phone number.

Then you will get your OTP for verification, verify your number and start playing your game.

There are lots of people who forget to place 0 before the phone number and they didn’t get OTP.

But you know about it so, don’t do this mistake.

Minimum Device Specs:

  • Galaxy S20 / Galaxy Note 20
  • Android 10 and above
  • RAM: 12G and above
  • Storage Space: 7G

Android (minimum):

  • Galaxy S8
  • Android 9 and above
  • RAM: 4G and above
  • Storage Space: 7G

So, that’s all about Blade and Soul 2 download link for android. Download now and must follow the above steps after installation of the game.

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