Can Free Fire and BGMI be banned?

Indian Judge Naresh Kumar Laka writes to PM Modi to ban BGMI and Free Fire in India. Read full article to know Can Free Fire and BGMI be banned?

free fire ban news
Can Free Fire and BGMI be banned?
BGMI ban news

Yes, Indian Judge Naresh Kumar writes to PM Modi to ban Battle Royale games like BGMI and Free Fire in India.

According to him, it is a serious matter especially, for under 18 years children.


These kinds of games affect their study, social life and, they are suffering from mental stress.

Today’s under 18 years old generation spending their maximum time playing these kinds of games.

Due to these games, their social bonding and family bonding are also affected.

Therefore, these games should ban in India, according to Judge Naresh Kumar Laka.

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Possible Solution:

Maybe mature people will support this decision.

Children and gamers who like to play these games maybe will not support this decision.

Ban is not a solution for this problem, because today’s generation is intelligent enough to play the games after getting banned.

There should be some strict rules to play these games.

There should be rules like, every child below 18 years has to take parents permission first.

To operate the game children below 18 years should require permission like a parents’ fingerprint or parents’ face recognition.

Before playing games and after a time interval during gameplay child should need parents’ fingerprints or face recognition.

It can become a permanent solution. Parents will know that from how much time their children playing games so they can stop them.

These kinds of games are not allowed below 18 years without parents’ permission.

Above 18-year-olds are mature enough to take their responsibility but, they need warnings during gameplay.

They should remember that “after 10-15 years later they can feel regret that they had wasted their precious time”.

It is advised to above 18-year-old people who like to play these kinds of games every time.

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