Best Offline Battle Royale Games

Download and play best offline battle royale games with internet connection.

Not all people have good internet connection therefore we need some best offline games for android.

As you know, nowadays battle royale games are on the top priorities and everyone want to play battle royale games.

There are lots of gamers who are looking for offline games like PUBG for android because they don’t have good internet connection.

generally battle royale games needs a good internet connection to play with friends and other player.

Those who don’t have wi-fi and enough mobile internet data, also deserve to play battle royale games.

Therefore, here are top best offline battle royale games for you guys.

Offline Battle Royale Games

Best offline battle royale games for those who don’t have good internet connection to play online battle royale games for android.

Here you get official download links to download all the games for android.

So, let’s go!!!

1. Blood Rivals

The “Blood Rivals – Survival Battleground FPS Shooter” is one of the best offline battle royale games for android devices.

Seriously, it has futuristic high graphics as well as the visuals of the game is too realistic.

Even you can compare its graphics from call of duty mobile up to some extent.

The approach of this game is modernist as there are advanced modern weapons available in this game and the cars of this game are also very advanced, all the cars are defensive and bullet proof.

In fact this game has multiple modes that you can enjoy.

It is one of the best game for those who wants to play offline battle royale games.

The size of the game is just 192MB and obviously game is offline.

2. Scarfall The Royal

Its an offline as well as online shooting game with survival challenge.

The amazing fact about this game is that you can also control the plane.

There are only 50 players in a match like free fire game.

Game offers decent graphics with good controls and military cars replaced by the supercars which is really impressive.

Even this game has beautiful Lamborghini in a battleground match and you can easily drive it.

Scarfall offers you TPS and FPS play with modern vehicles to roam around quickly and reach the final destination in a shrinking circle.

Overall, the game has some minor bugs but developers will fix all of them with next update.

The game size is just 378MB and it is an Indian battle royale game.


The is top-down funny and cartoonist style offline battle royale game.

In this game you have to fight with axes not with guns.

I played this game for several hours and honestly i enjoyed it.

This game promises offline and multiplayer mode with NPCs & real players but i think that a multiplayer mode there’s no real players in the game.

All the players are NPCs and it is the dark side of this game.

Overall unique gameplay and simple control makes this game really awesome.

Right now is it’s available for free on android devices.

The size of this game is just 68MB and it is one of the best game for those who are looking for animated kinds of offline battle royale games.

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4. Red West Royale

The main protagonist of Red West Royale is ready to shoot like cowboy by riding horse and it is an offline battle royale game.

The “Red West Royale” is an artistic style with pretty gorgeous western graphics game with survival challenge.

You can experience a new era of fierce fire fights and expert strategy that redefine the battle royale genre.

You can transform the environments into strongholds by the help of trap.

Fortify and create defensive systems prevent being by beached by the enemy like fortnight.

Thankfully, this game offers you building system, practice editing mode, destructible environments, multiplayer mode, huge map size, highly optimized single player modes, 19 types of weapons, gorgeous western graphics and multiple horses.

The size of the game is just 96MB with decent graphics.

5. Royale Robots Battleground

The “Royale Robots Battleground” is fun and exciting battle royale game in which the player can transform their characters into cars just like transformer movie.

Collect the guns around the huge map and survive until the end.

The interesting feature of this game is that players can scan a car or any truck to transform it.

The jumping power of player increases the four times to the normal jump and on hitting the ground a shock wave develops which lowers the enemy health.

Overall, the game has unique robot fight battle royale match and also has decent graphics.

The size of the game is just 100MB and it is one of the best robot fighting offline battle royale games for androids.

6. Battle Destruction

Two players fighting in with guns in Battle Destruction battle royale game.

The “Battle Destruction” is a third person shooting and crafting high graphics offline game for android devices.

Graphics and controls are decent as compare to the PUBG Mobile lite and Free Fire game.

Game offers huge map to explore and also different maps.

The size of the game is just 96MB and the game has decent graphics.

7. Battleground’s Survivor

Soldier holding sniper and ready to fight in battleground's survivor game.

It is an action battle royale game in which we have to figth against other survivors to stay alive and survive.

When the game starts you have to jump from a plane and have to land at the battleground which similar to PUBG mobile and fight with other players until you’re the last.

Game has simple control which makes game very easy to play.

From the looks perspective the graphics of the game is really awesome and you should definitely play this game.

The size of the game is 134MB and obviously game has offline mode. It is available for both android and ios.

8. Polar Survival

soldier having pistol and searching for more weapons to fight.

As the name of game already shows that here you will get a polar zone that means the map is full of ice.

There are only few offline battle royale games having lobby and this game is one of them.

Seriously, it is an awesome offline battle royale game and this game offers all the weapons available in free fire and PUBG.

This game has a large map and you have run towards safe zone.

Overall, the game is just a copy of PUBG but the map is covered with ice.

The size of the game is just 112MB and the game has decent level of graphics.


Character is looking for a place to build his base.

The “” is an animated style offline battle royale game having both online/offline modes.

If you have good internet connection than you can play it with 30 player at a time.

But if you don’t have internet then you can play it in offline mode in same manner.

This game gives to little bit of fornite like vibes.

Along with shooting you have to craft items to survive in the game.

10. Battle Craft Survival 3D

The name of this game is already shows that it is a 3D high graphics animated style battle royale game.

This battle royale game is set on post apocalyptical environment where everything is destroying.

Now, there is lack of resources and you have to collect necessary resources for you like weapons.

After that, you have to fight against enemies to win the game.

The “Battle Craft Survival 3D” has Minecraft like graphics. So, if you like that kind of graphics then you will definitely like this game.

The size of the game is just 80MB and the game is offline.

11. Dinos Royale

Have you ever think that you can play a battle royale game with dinosaurs?

This game is developed on the concept where you can see dinosaurs.

But you don’t need to fight against dinosaurs, In fact you are going to ride those dinosaurs.

Personally I this game because of its unique gaming style and graphics.

The size of the game is just 100MB and the game is offline.

12. Battle Destruction

Fight is going on in the small circle of battle and all the players firing from cover.

Battle Destruction game is almost similar to fornite game because its characters, environment and blasters are similar to fortnite.

Those who are looking for fortnite like offline battle royale games should definitely try this game.

Game has a large snow map, day and night time cycle and good looking chacters.

The size of this game is just 90MB and obviously the game is offline.

13. Top

The “Top” is a top-down view anime style battle royale game.

At the starting of the game you have to select the 8 heroes for you to win the game.

You can play this game in offline as well as in online mode.

There are lots of amazing weapons like launcher, guns, lasers etc.

The size of the game is just 100MB and the game a beautiful graphics.

14. Fort 3D Battle Royale

As the name of the game already shows that it has it is a battle royale game but is has pixel art like graphics.

This game has all the features like PUBG mobile and other battle royale games.

This game also has offline as well as online mode.

The size of the game is about 100MB along with decent graphcis.

There are lots of people who really like to play this kinds of pixel art graphics game, if you’re one of them them then enjoy this game also.

15. Hero Strike Offline

The “Hero Strike Offline” is a beautiful top-down battle royale game for android devices.

If you are missing your childhood days then you should definitely play this game.

There are lots of character having unique abilities and you can choose any one of them to win the game.

Game has both online as well as offline modes and the size of this game is also under 100MB.


So these are the best offline battle royale games available for low end mobile.

If you do not have good internet connection, still you want to play offline games then you should try these games once.

“Blood Rivals and Scarfall” are the most high graphics offline battle royale games in this list and everyone should play these game.

If you are looking for different kind of offline battle royale games, then you should definitely try “, Dinos Royale and Hero Strike Offline.”

“Royale Robots Battleground” is for those who are fan of Transformer movie series and want to convert in vehicles just like transformers.

Have you already play any of these games? Tell us in the comments.

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