Only 0.001% Know These Simon Riley Ghost Secrets

Simon Riley Ghost is the most iconic fictional character in the Call of Duty franchise.

He first appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 game and has become one of the most loved characters in no time.

Ghost is also known for its real face and secrets like its real identity.

Many claims that Ghost is a member of Task Force 141, and others claim that Ghost is a member of the Special Air Force.

The truth is that before Ghost was introduced to the game, Activision had already published 5 comic books.

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Ghost Comic book cover page for 1, 2 and 3 part.
Ghost comic book cover for 4 and  part.

These comic books tell us all about Ghost, like his childhood, family, and how Simon Riley becomes Ghost.

Here you will know everything about Ghost.

So, let’s go!!!

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Simon Riley Ghost Childhood

The story begins when a soldier wearing a ghost mask is taken prisoner in a school.

The soldier tries to distract all the terrorists by telling them about his ghost mask.

The soldier said that he is wearing the ghost mask to pay tribute to his dead friend.

Actually, he’s telling the story of the Simon Riley ghost.

Simon Riley Ghost's father bring snake near to Simon Riley.

The soldier said, Simon Riley’s father was cruel, and Simon Riley was tortured by his father every day.

Simon’s father used to bring Simon’s face in front of animals (including snakes), and would force Simon to kiss the faces of the animals.

Seriously, you can sense that Simon Riley was tortured like hell.

Simon’s father used to take him to concerts and show him the faces of humans after they had died. Then he used to laugh out loud on seeing Simon.

Simon Riley Ghost join British Special Air Service as a super soldier.

When Simon was an adult he left his home and joined the British Special Air Service (SAS) as a super soldier.

The super soldier only comes into action there is really deadly mission is available for them.

Later, Simon was sent on a mission in which he has to follow a drug mafia Manual Roba.

Simon Tortured by Manual Roba. He is hang on a hanger using a hook and that hook is passed from his body.
Manual Roba pained his face a a ghost to show his cruelty.

But Simon was caught by Mafia and tortured dangerously by Manual Roba.

To show his cruelty, Manual Roba used to paint a ghost mask on his face and would continue to harass Simon Riley.

Manual Roba mafia leave ghost in a grave where another dead soldier is also present.
Ghost met his friends after he escape from Manual Roba.

When Simon Riley becomes half dead then drug mafia leaves him in a grave in which Simon’s dead friend is also present.

But Simon comes out of the grave and visits his friend in Manchester and then he returns home.

Ghost telling his mother that he is seeing ghost faces.

That night he tells his mother that he sees ghostly faces everywhere in the night.

His mother replies that when Simon was just a child, his father used to paint his face like a ghost and take him to concerts.

Simon Riley's brother try to scar him by wearing Ghost mask.

That night when Simon tries to sleep, he remembers that when he was a child his older brother used to scare him wearing a ghost mask.

On the other side when Manual Roba know that Simon isn’t dead then he sends some terrorist to kill Simon again.

Manual Roba Mafia killed Simon Riley's family.

But, those terrorists kill his family and create a scene that looks like Simon killed his family due to stress.

Then Simon feels broken inside and decides to kill the killers of his family.

Simon Riley killed his family killers and set building on fire.

But he finds that his family has been killed by his army superiors and then Simon kills his superiors.

Also, Simon sets fire to that building and leaves his dog tag there so that everyone thinks Simon is dead too.

Actually, Simon has now killed his past life and has decided to live a new life in which he will known as ghost.

Simon Riley killed Manual Roba.

After this he also killed Manuel Roba.

Now ready for the twist. Do you remember the scene in school where a soldier tells this story?

Yes, that sodier was Simon Riley Ghost and he was telling his own story.

He killed all the terrorists and saved the school.

Remember he tells that he is wearing that mask to give tribute to his friend.

Actually, he is wearing a Ghost mask to give a tribute to himself but now he is only a Ghost.

Simon Riley Ghost working for Task Force 141. It is task force one 141 logo.
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 text with black background.

Later it was disclosed by Ghost that he did everything for Task Force 141.

After that Call of Duty Modern Warfare was released.

Gaming History of Simon Riley Ghost

ghost wallpaper

Initially, Ghost Simon Riley was introduced in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 as a member of Task Force 141.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was released on November 10, 2009.

The first mission of Ghost was to capture a Russian terrorist Vladimir Makarov and the team was led by Captain Price.

As we all know, Ghost was dead at the end of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 but he appeared in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

The Simon Riley Ghost was later featured in Call of Duty Ghosts as well as Call of Duty Warzone.

In Call of Duty Ghosts, you have to play as Logan, the son of Ghost.

Call of Duty Ghosts reveals Simon Riley Ghost’s past as a member of the British SAS (Special Air Service).

On the other hand, Call of Duty Warzone lets you play as a ghost and you have to complete missions and challenges.

Simon Riley Ghost Top Secrets

Ghost wallpaper in a red shade and "Top Secrets of Ghost" text written on it.

Let’s know about these top secrets of ghosts that everyone wants to know.

The reasons behind all the secrets have already been explained above in Ghost of Childhood.

1. Simon Riley Ghost First Appearance

Do you know? The Simon Riley Ghost wasn’t introduced in Call of Duty Modern Warfare for the first time.

Yes, it is true as Ghost was first introduced in the comics of Call of Duty.

2. Why Ghost Wear Mask?

The Ghost wears a mask to give a tribute to his past life when he was known as Simon Riley but now he is just Ghost.

3. Ghost is member of SAS or Task Force 141?

Initially, Ghost joined the British Special Air Service (SAS) as a super soldier but later he joined Task Force 141.

4. How Old is Simon Ghost Riley?

According to the secret sources the Simon Ghost Riley is about 35 years old.

Of course, he is 35 years old in Modern Warfare 2 also.

5. Simon Riley Ghost Height?

The exact height of Simon is still unknown but as per sources the height of Simon Ghost Riley is 6.1 feet.

6. Why is Simon Riley Called Ghost?

After killing his family’s killers, he burns down the building and leaves his dog tag behind.

And then Simon Riley names himself Ghost.


So, now you know everything about the Simon Riley Ghost.

You should also know about the Call of Duty Mobile Secrets that are only known to 0.0001% of players.

So, you know about the Ghost’s childhood and know why he wears a ghost mask.

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