Here are information about top 5 new games such as COD WARZONE MOBILE, ANNIHILATION MOBILE, MISSION ZERO & JUST CAUSE MOBILE.

1. Call of Duty Warzone Mobile:

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

Each and every call of duty mobile lover are excited about COD Warzone Mobile. Everyone wants to know about this game.

The most important question about cod warzone mobile is “Is the call of Duty Warzone Mobile will become an additional part of Call of Duty Mobile game?” or “Call of Duty Warzone Mobile will become a separated game?”

Earlier a survey was done by the team of call of duty in which they asked that “Which of these call of duty maps would you most like to see in the call of duty mobile? New battle royale maps Verdansk from call of duty warzone or Eclipse from call of duty black ops 4.”

The reply of most of the users is the map Verdansk. So, the conclusion is that in the upcoming updates there may be a chance that call of duty mobile will have a new battle royale map. And in season 9 call of duty mobile updates are similar to call of duty warzone. This means the call of duty warzone mobile can become part of the call of duty mobile.

On the other hand, according to the CEO of Activision, they are working on a huge number of games at present and they are going to launch as soon as possible. So, there may be a possibility that Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile become a separate game.

But this decision also depends on the users of call of duty games. If everyone wants a call of duty warzone in call of duty mobile then it is possible.

The most interesting thing is we have a new call of duty game whether it is part of COD Mobile or a separated game with the same graphics, guns, and vehicles just like pc Call of Duty Warzone.

Comment your view below about it.

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2. Annihilation:


Annihilation is the first FPS game of Bangladesh and the environment of this game is south Asian. This game will be going to become 60 player battle royale mode including campaign mode and in the future developers will add multiplayer modes.

All the characters are fully customizable and they have their own unique powers. The story of this game is set in the year 2030. The theme of the story is “council are working on alien technology and soldiers are against it.”

In December 2019 this game announced for pcs only but now it is available for mobile and ios also.

This game is going to launch on April 30. This game is in its early stages but sill you can try it.

You should try it at least once and support developers and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section.

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3. Mission Zero:

Mission Zero

This is not a part of the Hitman series, there is some false news about it that is a hitman mobile game but the truth is it’s not a part of the hitman series.

This is a multiplayer game 2 vs 4. In this game, you are a secret agent and you will make a team of 4 protagonists, and there work it get secret information and gather all the information.

Make sure your two opponents will never find you or if you want to become the other two opponents then you have to catch your four opponents.

The graphics of this game is going to be top-notch and there are vibes of one of the best game Among Us.

This is not even in its early stages means it is still in developing stages. According to sources, this game will be going to launch in the last of the year 2021.

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4. Rocket League Sideswipe:

Rocket League Sideswipe

Psyonix announced rocket league sideswipe for ios and mobile, Earlier it is available for only pcs and consoles. This is not a port version of pc or console game, it is a separate game.

On pcs and consoles it is a 4 vs 4 game but for mobile, it will be 1 vs1 or 2vs 2, and graphics quality will be a little bit compromised as well as maps become shorter for mobile & ios devices.

Still, it looks like a well promising game but Indian users don’t want to play these kinds of games.

This game will be launched in the last of the year 2021. You should try it at least once and don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section below.

5. Just Cause Mobile:

Just Cause Mobile

Just cause mobile is developed by Square Enix and it is a part of the just cause universe but it is a separate game for mobile devices, not a port of pc game.

You will get an action-packed campaign story in which you have to complete missions as well as their multiplayer modes up to 30 players.

This game is developed on unreal engine 4 and the camera angle of this game is from top to bottom.

Just cause mobile will be going to launch in the last of the year 2021. You should try it at least once and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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