8 Best Doraemon Games For Mobile

Every kid love to play Doraemon games on their mobile.

In fact, kids really like to play cartoon games like ben 10 games as well as motu patlu games.

Whenever we remember our childhood, we definitely remember cartoon shows like Doraemon.

Doraemon made our childhood very memorable and entertaining.

As we all know that this is a cartoon show which is watched all over the world.

It is not only loved by children but also adults watch this show to relieve their stress and for entertainment.

This is a cartoon show based on friendship with Nobita and Doraemon in the lead role.

Great pleasure for Doraemon fans that they can now play video games with their favorite character Doraemon.

All of you Doraemon fans, you can easily play the games of your favorite cartoon show Doraemon in your Android phone.

You will be able to play with your favorite characters Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka and Gian which will make your game very interesting.

List of Doraemon Games

Official download links are available for all the games.

Let’s know everything before downloading the game.

1. Doraemon Repair Shop

Starting screen of Doraemon Repair Shop game.

As we can guess from the name itself guys this is going to be a mind game.

In this game you will have to repair gadgets of Doraemon.

You have to do different tasks together with your favorite character Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Gian and Suneo.

In this game you will get to see 2D style and you can easily play it on your android phone.

Required Android Version4.0

2. Doraemon Hara Hara Planet

in game snap of Doraemon Hara Hara Planet game.

This is a movie based game which was just released, that is, in this game you will get to see the same story that you saw in the movie.

You will be able to play this game with all those favorite characters.

While playing this game, you will feel that everything is happening in real, that is, its graphics are very realistic.

This is a story based adventure and interesting Doraemon game you all must download this.

Required Android Version4.0

3. Doraemon Fat Cat Fish

Doraemon Fat Cat Fish wallpaper in which all friends are enjoying.

This is a multiplayer game, if you are getting bored, you can refresh your mind by playing this game.

This is an entertaining and less brain-using game.

You can play this game with your friends, this is game with good graphics.

In this game you along with Doraemon have to catch fishes from the sea for dinosaur.

The more fish you catch, the score will increase and you will keep moving forward in the game.

Required Android Version4.1

4. Doraemon 2

Doraemon 2 starting trailer snap.

This is completely story based game in this you will see all character of Doraemon series such as Doraemon Nobita, Gian, Suneo, and Shizuka.

Time Machine has been used in this game.

All the characters of Doraemon go to another place through time machine.

Their time machine gets damage and you have to get them all to the right place through this game.

This is an adventure game which will give you a lot of interest and enjoyment while playing.

In this game you will get to see 2D style but at some places you will get to see 3D style, with good graphics.

Required Android Version4.0

5. Doraemon Gadget Rush

Doraemon Gadget Rush starting screen.

As you all have understand from the name itself i.e. we have to run in this game like Temple Run and Subway Suffer.

It is a Puzzle game with good graphics. You can easily play it anywhere on your Android phone.

In this game you have to solve mystery with your favorite characters Doraemon series.

If you are getting bored you can refresh your mind by playing this game, it’s also a less brain-using game.

Required Android Version4.2

6. Doraemon Resident Evil

Doraemon Resident Evil starting screen.

Hearing the name of the game, it is known that it is going to be a mystery game.

In this game you will see all the characters of Doraemon as Evil.

People who love horror stories and Doraemon series too will be able to enjoy both with this game.

In this game you will get to see drone view and it is a 2D style game.

If you like to solve mystery then let’s make it more fun with your favorite character and download this game.

It is one of the best mystery based Doraemon game among all the games.

Required Android Version3.9

7. Doraemon Music Pad

Doraemon Music Pad starting screen.

When we talk about music, we definitely remember the music of Doraemon series, which we liked very much in our childhood, and still remember the lyrics of that song.

And as of you like the tune of Doraemon Song then this game is going to be very interesting for you.

In this game you can play doraemon’s tune by yourself.

If you like music and want to learn music then you can learn a lot through this game.

So let’s download this game and fulfill your desires to learn music in a more interesting and fun way.

Required Android Version3.9

8. Doraemon 3

Doraemon 3 video game

This a PSP game, it is also a story based game.

While playing this game, you will get a lot of entertainment.

You will get chance to solve a lot of interesting mystery with your favorite character.

This story based game has good graphic, while playing it you will get lost in this game and you will feel that everything is happening in real.

Required Android Version4.0


So, these are the best Doraemon games for mobile that every Doraemon lover should play.

As a parents you can allow your kids to play these games that every kid love to play.

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