5 Best Oggy And The Cockroaches Games

Oggy and the Cockroaches is the most famous cartoon among kids and children all over the world.

Three cockroaches Joey, Dee Dee, and Marky always create problems for Ogyy.

There is a constant battle going on between Oggy and those three cockroaches.

Nowadays, children really love to play Oggy and the Cockroaches game on their mobile.

In this blog post, we’ll be looking at the top 5 Oggy and the Cockroaches games.

List of Best Oggy And The Cockroaches Game

Every kid love to play cartoon games and oggy games are one of them.

List has racing games, puzzle games, drawing related games as well as difference game.

So, children can enjoy as well as they and improve their skills also.

So, let’s go and know about all these Oggy games.

1. Oggy Super Speed Racing

In game snap of Oggy Super Speed Racing game in which oggy is driving a green.

Yes, It is a racing game in which you have to race with Oggy as well as cockroaches.

You can fully customize your car to improve your performance so you can win the race.

In this game, cockroaches steal Oggy’s food and then they run in the car.

Now, you have to drive faster to get Oggy’s food back by winning the race.

Racing tracks aren’t that much smooth because they are full of obstacles.

During racing, don’t forget to collect the coin because by using those coins you can customize and enhance your vehicle.

There are a total of 5 amazing racing areas that include Jungle, ice world, Egypt, city, and house.

You can use the boosters of your cars to speed up your car for an interval.

Yes, you can say that these boosters are similar to the NOS.

In fact, there are many more types of boosters like jump boosters.

A jump booster helps you to avoid obstacles on the racing track by jumping over them.

So, download and play Oggy super speed racing and enjoy it.

Downloads10 Million+
Required Version4.2 and Above

2. Oggy Moshi

A snap of Oggy Moshi game in which everything inside his house is visible on the single screen.

This is the game in which you are really going to understand the lifestyle of Oggy.

Basically, in this game, you have to take care of Oggy so that he can live in peace.

Make sure he goes to the toilet, takes a shower, brushes his teeth, and sleeps well.

There are many activities like watching TV, calling your friends, listening to music as well as dancing, and many more.

Make sure you have lots of activities to do when Bob is away from Oggy.

The game features Bob, Monica, Marky, Dee Dee, Joe, and Oggy.

Oggy Moshi is available as an online game on many websites.

Yes, it is not on the play store or app store to download but you can enjoy it online without any problem.

Required Version

3. Oggy and the Cockroaches Spot the Difference

a device screen in which Oggy and the Cockroaches Spot the Difference game is shown.

Find the differences between two similar images from Oggy’s World.

Seriously, it’s the best way to increase your focus and sharpen your memory.

This game can be played by any age group as it gives benefits to all of you.

There are eight pictures and each picture has 40 differences.

The background music of the game is exactly like the TV show.

There are 5 different game modes available and 2 player mode is the most popular game mode.

Yes, you can play it with your friends and get rewarded.

Downloads1 Million+
Required Version4.0 and Above

4. Oggy and the Cockroaches – Cockroach Crash

Oggy and the Cockroaches - Cockroach Crash game in which Oggy is going to be ready to catch the item thrown by cockroaches.

You will not easily find anything about this game on the internet.

Even this game is not available on different websites.

In this game, cockroaches are going to throw objects and you have to catch them.

You only have to use the mouse to move Oggy on your screen.

Once you have caught the item, click on Jack to take all the items from there.

If you have to catch more and more objects to earn a bonus reward.

If you are unable to catch the minimum number of objects, Bob will wake up and the game will be over.

This game is only available for online play on some websites.

Seriously, this is a classical theme game but full of fun.

Required Version

5. Oggy’s Fries

Oggy's Fries game in which oggy is trying to stop the cockroaches from the stealing his fries.

Do you want to smash cockroaches? Then this game is for you.

In this game, cockroaches are trying to steal your fries from the table but you have to stop them.

When they pick up the fries you have to smash them and the fries will be back in the bowl.

If you are unable to kill the cockroaches then they will lose all your fries and you will lose the game.

Seriously this game is fun and easy to play because all you have to do is use the mouse.

Oggy’s Fries game is also not available for download but you can play it on some online gaming websites.

Required Version


So, these are the most searched Oggy and the Cockroaches games on the internet.

All these games are liked by the kids as they also like to watch Oggy and the Cockroaches on TV.

All these games are easy to play and people of any age group can enjoy this game.

Thank you.

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