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Best Horror Games For Android:

1. The School White Days:

Starting screen of the school white days android horror game in which a school is shown which is horror.

This game is developed for android devices in the name of one of the best horror pc game “White Day.”

You are going to be stuck in a school which is possessed.

All buildings are locked and in every building, ghosts are waiting for you.

If you enter the building, she will kill you.

It is really a top horror game.

““`The story of the game depends on your decisions means you can end it according to you.

The size of this game is 1.3GB, and it’s a totally offline game.

This game is one of the most popular horror games for android because of its decent storyline.

Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section below.

2. Lost Within:

Lost Within written in horror style with black background.

Lost Within is really a very scary game because you are not able to sleep after seeing scenes of this game.

In the game, you are working in a laboratory where unknown people are used for experiments.

Laboratory staff gives various types of drugs to that unknown people to make all of them scary evils.

You are stuck in this laboratory where scary evils are everywhere and you have to escape that laboratory, this escaping journey will be very scary.

One wrong decision will be responsible for your death here.

The size of the game is 420MB and the game is totally offline.

3. Emily Wants To Play Too:

The starting of Emily Wants To Play Too in which game name is written in horror manner.

Earlier this game is only available for pcs and Xbox but now you can play it on android devices also.

Be careful this game is a scary game and survival in this game is too difficult and you have to make strategies to survive.

In the game, you are a pizza delivery guy but the problem is started when you are going to deliver in a building where all around are dolls and you don’t know about it earlier.

All these dolls are possessive and they have supernatural abilities.

They locked you in that building using their powers and you have to escape from that building.

The scary scene is dolls want to make new friends, if you are playing with them then it’s ok but if do not play with them then they will kill you.

It is one of the best horror games for android that popular among YouTubers.

The size of the game is 454Mb and the game is totally offline.

Do you like to play with dolls? then play with these dolls.

4. Midnight Awake:

Starting of the Midnight Awake game with dark black background

Your character is a child in this game.

Once he wakeup at the midnight and feels some strange mysterious events.

He checked his dad’s room but his dad was missing then he received a strange phone call.

After a phone call, he will get different tasks and scary scenes.

The story of the game depends on you, how you will go to save his family, and how you behave during that night to end this game.

The size of the game is just 130MB and the game is totally offline.

The game is too mysterious so, if you like to play the mysterious game then you have to play midnight awake at once, and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below.

5. Forgotten Memories:

Forgotten Memories written in horror manner having black background

Forgotten Memory is a scary puzzle-solving game.

Your character in this game is Rose Hawkins and she is an independent woman.

In this game, she is searching for his daughter.

It’s all started when once Rose Hawkins wakes up and she is inside the locked building and she doesn’t know anything about it.

She has to face scary and fearful moments and have to solve interesting puzzles.

It is an adventure as well as a horrific game.

The size of the game is 3.3GB and the game is totally offline.

6. Paranormal Territory 2:

One lady ghost is stand at the front of door in horrific style in paranormal territory 2 horror android game.

Paranormal Territory 2 is a paranormal investigation game.

This game clearly mentioned that game will test your horrific patience.

Pick up your headphones, turn off the room light and go to paranormal exploration.

It’s all started when you received an unknown message from an unknown person.

The massage is “something unusual things happen in his room like paranormal activities”.

You are interested in his message to have wanted to go there to investigate all the things because you are a paranormal investigator.

The size of the game is just 122MB and the game is totally offline.

7. The Final Take:

Starting screen of The Final Take android game in horror manner.

In this game, you will get old VCR tape recordings, in all of the tapes you will see very scary scenes and creatures.

Your character in this game is a young girl and she will see all the tapes and reveals all the truth.

All the video recordings are interrelated and you have to find out how they are related to each other and find out the truth.

The size of the game is just 390MB and the game is totally offline.

Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below.

8. Psychopath Hunt:

Starting screen of the Psychopath Hunt horror game having a ghost on on it.

In this game, you have to enter a pyscho’s home because he kidnapped a girl and you have to save that girl from the pyscho killer.

If you fail then he will kill that girl.

So, you have to enter his house and save that girl secretly.

This journey is going to be very difficult.

The size of the game is just 60MB and the game is totally offline.

9. One Last Night Mobile:

Starting screen of One Last Night Mobile game in horrific manner. One Late Night Mobile is written on this starting screen.

You are going to play a role of an office worker and he is always busy with his work.

But one day he feels some strange things like unwanted sounds.

After that, he realizes that there is someone else in his office and he is not alone.

You have solved the mystery and reveals the truth.

The size of this game is 100MB and the game is totally offline.

10. Mental Hospital 5:

Mental Hospital 5 starting screen in horrific manner.

In this game, a team of the paranormal investigator or paranormal activity researchers went to this hospital for research purposes.

After some time due to some strange reason, they all got killed there.

One of the dead teammate’s brother comes here to find out the reason behind his brother’s death and want to reveal the truth of that hospital.

This journey is going to be very difficult.

The size of the game is 300MB and the game is totally offline.

11. Granny 3:

House of Granny 3 android horror game.

You are kidnapped in a house, and you have to comes out from that house.

In this game, you have to collect useful things that may help you.

You have to do every movement silently because granny is there to kill you.

So, be careful and do not produce any kind of sound there.

The “Granny” is one best horror game series on android that’s why “Granny” is also available now.

12. Ice Scream 4:

In game scene of Ice Scream 4 android horror game

This game has 4 parts now therefore, now you know that it is a popular best horror game for android offline.

The story of the game starts when an ice cream seller starts the kidnapping of children.

You have to bust the ice-cream seller and protect all those kidnapped children.

13. No Rest Horror Game:

No Rest Horror Game in game totally dark scene

You are going to play the role of David in this game.

Once, David reached a town, that look like a normal town from the outside, but in reality, it is a scary place.

This game shows a disturbing environment and you are going to enjoy it.

14. Endless Nightmare Weird Hospital:

In game scene of Endless Nightmare Weird Hospital game in which character  is holding revolver.

Endless nightmare weird hospital is the pre-equal of the endless nightmare.

That means the story shown in this game is before the endless nightmare game.

You are in a hospital, and you have to comes out from that hospital at any cost.

The graphics of this game is top-notch, and you should try it at least once in your life.

Do not forget to share your experience in the comment section.

15. Haunted School:

A game scene in which character is holding shotgun on lady ghost in haunted school android horror game.

As name of the game already shows the basic idea about this game.

Yes, the story of this game revolves around a haunted school.

There is a girl ghost in this school, and your objective is to enter the school, find the belongings left by the priest and exorcise the girl.

16. Horror Station:

ghost is hanging upside down in a building.

In this game, you are going to play the role of famous journalist Edgar.

He is making a report of dead people and once he reached to station where he is going to disclose more than 7 people died at that place.

There are lots of mysterious things that you are going to find out so download it and play now.

17. Unholy Adventure:

Character is standing at horror game in Unholy Adventure horror android game.

Unholy adventure is an adventures horror game in which you have to solve lots of puzzles.

This game has a good storyline with good graphics quality.

Because of the storyline and adventure, it is an interesting game, and therefore you should try it.

18. Karnanny Chapter Two:

horror poster of Karnanny Chapter Two android game.

In this game, you are inside an old mansion, and it is a horrible place.

You have to find out the keys and have to exit from that mansion.

Do it as soon as possible.

19. Grandpa and Granny 3:

Grandpa and Granny standing in front of character in Grandpa and Granny 3 video game.

This game shows the grandpa and granny as bad guys in this game.

You have to escape from a burning mental hospital.

It is a deadly hospital in which everywhere is fire, all the exits are blocked, psychos are running around, and of course, granny and grandpa are among them.

20. Didi:

Didi written on black background in horror font

It is a horror game, and it is different as compare to other games.

In this game, when the main protagonist of the game is in his dreams at night then he got a destiny call.

You should download it and enjoy this experience.

21. The Baby In Yellow:

A baby is flying in a room because baby is cursed.

You are going to play the role of the babysitter in this game.

I have to care for a baby but, it is not that simple because that baby is cursed.

Yes, it is not just an ordinary game, it is also a horror game.

22. Stay Dark Horror:

A ghost is standing near door in front of character.

In this game, you are locked in a scary hospital and you have to escape from it.

Collect all the useful things near you like a knife, screw drive or hammer, etc.

Solve the puzzles using all those things and escape from the hospital.

23. Escape Spooky Prison:

Character is hiding from a ghost in a police station

It is a survival horror as well as haunted adventures game.

The location of this game is a prison. Yes, prison is going to be more dangerous.

Someone locked you in this prison, and you have to escape from it.

24. Disease of Hazard:

Father is talking from his daughter about deadly virus.

The post-apocalypse environment is shown in this game.

Most people die or become zombies because of a deadly virus.

So, it is a survival game in which you have to kill zombies for your survival.

25. Undiscovered House:

A car is burning near the tree on roadside.

The story of this game begins just like real life or movie stories.

Once, a man is returning to his home after work by driving his truck, and he sees a dangerous creature on-road, but it suddenly disappears.

After that, the life of the main protagonist of the game is changed.

You should play this game to know more about that man.


So, these are best horror games for android along with downloading option as well as brief introduction.

“The School White Days, Midnight Awake, Endless Nightmare Weird Hospital, Haunted School, Unholy Adventure, and Undiscover House” are best games for those who want to play story based horror games for android.

But there are more games that have storyline and you should play them too.

Those who want to play horror games with guns should play “Endless Nightmare Weird Hospital and Haunted School.”

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