Best Fighting Games For Android Free Download

Fighting Games! The best fighting games for android with stunning graphics and actions. Download links for all the games are available here.

Almost every game has its alternative PSP simulator.

Best Fighting Games For Android:

1. EA Sports UFC:

Fighting game EA Sports UFC has real character of UFC.
EA Sports UFC video game

It is an official fighting game and is available on the play store. This game has the real character of UFC along with their moves.

Undoubtedly, the best alternative for this game is UFC Undisputed 2010.

Moreover, one of our favorite fighters Brock Lesnar is also available in this game.

Because in the year 2010, Brock Lesnar is really in UFC. Therefore, during the game development, his character is also available for fighting.

2. Tekken:

Tekken is one of the Best fighting games video game for android
Tekken video game

Tekken was one of our favorite games since childhood, and still, this game is one of the best fighting games.

Seriously, this game has really good graphics, and most of you already know about it.

You should play Tekken 3, 5, and 6 and refresh your childhood days once again.

3. Shadow Fight 3:

Shadow Fight 3 is a fighting game for android having decent graphics
Shadow Fight 3 video game

Shadow 3 game is one of the best fighting games.

It has good graphics along with stunning fighting combos.

Definitely, you are going to enjoy this game.

You should try shadow fight 2 also because it is the second part of this series.

4. Dragon Ball Legends:

Dragon Ball Legends is an anime fighting game for android
Dragon Ball Legends video game

It is an official game by dragon ball and is available on the play store for download.

Almost all the characters of dragon ball anime are available in this game so, you will like it.

The best alternative for dragon ball legends is dragon ball z Budokai.

Dragon ball z Budokai is one of the best high graphics games in the series of dragon balls.

5. Street Fighter 4:

Street Fighter is one of the best fighting game for android
Street Fighter video game

No one can complete fighting game series without street fighter’s games.

Street fighter 4 is one of the best games if you are looking for the best fighting games for android.

You should play another game developed by a street fighter’s developers is “street fighter 4 champion edition” which is officially available on the play store.

Therefore, you should try them both, and don’t forget to share your views in the comments.

6. WWE Immortals:

WWE Immortals video game is one of the best fighting games for android especially for those who love WWE
WWE Immortals video game

You can imagine a fighting games list without WWE games. There are lots of people who like to watch WWE as well as love to play WWE video games.

In this game, you will see your favorite characters as immortals and it is the most amazing thing about this game.

Seriously, you should definitely try this game because of the unique fighting style.

The best alternative to this game is WWE Mayhem.

WWE Mayhem is an animated game where all the characters are shown in a cartoonist way but it is one of the popular in the series of WWE games.

7. Mortal Combat X:

Mortal Combat X is best action fighting video game with good cinematics.
Mortal Combat X video game

Mortal combat x is one of the most famous video games on android, PC, and play stations.

Seriously, the graphics quality of this game is really top-notch, and that makes it an amazing game.

The best alternative for mortal combat x is Mortal Combat Unchained and should try this one also.

8. Real Boxing:

Real Boxing is a fighting video game and best game for boxing lovers
Real Boxing video game

When we are talking about fighting games, then we should talk about boxing games also.

Yes, there is one of the best boxing games, known as real boxing, becomes part of this list.

Real boxing has good graphics, and the moves of the game make it more interesting.

If you are a boxing lover then you should try this game and share your experience in the comments.

The best alternative for real boxing is Fighting Tiger Liberal.

9. Injustice 2:

Injustice 2 is a part of famous fighting video game series known as injustice
Injustice 2 video game

Injustice is already a famous fighting game series and its second part also belongs to the fighting category.

This game is full of action, and the character of this game will make you a fan of this series.

The best alternative for injustice 2 is the Injustice Gods Among Us.

Both games have marvel and DC comics characters.

If you are looking for the best fighting games for android with high graphics, then you should try both of them.

10. Naruto Shipppuden Ultimate:

Naruto Shipppuden Ultimate is a best anime style fighting game
Naruto Shipppuden Ultimate video game

Yes, here is an anime-style fighting game for you.

If you are also a fan of naruto anime, then you should try this game.

The best alternative to this game is Soul Caliber Broken Destiny.

The best thing about this game is, it has one of our favorite god of war characters.


Those who like to watch “UFC” and “WWE” should play “EA Sports UFC and WWE Immortals.”

“Mortal Combat X” is best for those who like insane graphics as well as breaking enemy bones whereas “Tekken” will take you to your childhood fighting games

If you are a fan of anime then you must play “Dragon Ball Legends & Naruto Shippuden Ultimate”.

Those are like to watch Boxing should play “Real Boxing.”

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