Download Best Survival Games For Android

Download the best survival games for android. Download and play the best high graphics and free survival games on your mobile devices.

Survival games have exploded in popularity over the past few years.

Mobile stores are full of thousands of survival games.

But at the end of the day, only best survival games for android win this race.

Nowadays, It is difficult to find out best survival games for android among all the survival games available on play store.

That’s why we are here with some of best survival games for android along with their official download links.

To download any of these games you just need to click on download button.

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Best Survival Games For Android

This list includes best survival games for android for you and all the games are free to play.

So, let’s go!!!

1. Chimera Land

Now I think this is one of the best survival games of 2022.

In this game, you can explore a large open world map of about 800 square kilometers and complete tons of quests, and hunt giant creatures.

It’s similar to a classic RPG game, but it also has elements of survival.

In total, the game offers 18 races to choose from, and the game environment is super realistic.

You can easily feel the different weather effects in the game.

There are also tons of things you can do in the game such as crafting, building, and collecting rare resources that will help you survive.

In addition, you can fight with creatures and make them your pet.

Honestly, I really love this game and highly recommend that you check it out at least once.

Game has 3.8 ratings with 12.6k reviews on play store.

2. Fading City

Fading City is an open-world survival mobile game with a collaboration and hope-filled wasteland theme developed by NetEase Games, which supports players working in groups of 2-4.

The story is based on the ruins of a city called Veedu. People struggled to survive under the blue fog but still could not escape the ubiquitous blue particles.

You can freely explore the ruins of the open and sprawling city, collect supplies, craft weapons, solve puzzles, and fight alongside other survivors against powerful alien species.

You can also freely build underground shelters to resist the alien invasion.

The Fading City is one of the best survival games for android.

The size of this game is 5.5GB and the game is online.

The Fading City has decent graphics and you will love to play it.

3. Project Star

Project start is a futuristic and alien based game.

It is an online multiplayer open-world survival and exploration game.

The game offers a huge map with many galaxies and each galaxy has many planets to explore.

From my point of view Project Stars is inspired by “The No Man’s Sky”.

It has the same concept as experience, infinite freedom, exploration of the building, fighting, and survival.

Also, the game has been created by a group of gamers and not a tech giant.

So I’m pretty sure they know what gamers want.

Overall, it is a great game that offers great-looking graphics and good controls, and has a lot of potentials.

The size of the game is just 2GB and the game is online.

If you like to play best survival games for android then you should definitely try this game.

4. Raft Survival Desert Nomad

Raft Survival is one of the best survival games for android

It is a survival game that mimics the entire concept of desert skies, from the graphics to the gameplay mechanism.

Tell me in the comments if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’m right.

So in the game, you have a fleet tied to a hot air balloon that flies over the desert.

To continue flying, you need firewood so to collect wood you need to go to the land where you can get your resources.

But you can’t stay long because dangerous monsters live on the ground and they attack you quickly.

Overall, it is an improved version of Desert Sky with better graphics.

The size of this game is just 77MB and game is realistic.

Those who want to fly over surface in a hot air balloon should definitely try this game.

5. Project Arrival

Project Arrival is a story based game  and it is a sci-fi survival game for android

It is a story-based survival game where aliens have come to earth to destroy humanity.

The whole game is based on the futuristic, and so if you enjoy a sci-fi environment then you will definitely love this game.

It also has a bunch of futuristic weapons that will help you fight against alien species.

Now, if we talk about the story in the game, then I must say that it is really amazing.

The story has great cutscenes and feels like you’re playing a console game, but it’s on your phone.

The size of project Arrival is 4.2GB and the game is online.

It is one of the best alien and futuristic game among all the best survival games for android.

6. My Time at Portia

It is an indie farming survival and open-world crafting game.

Where you can move and collect wooden stone and other items to build and survive.

In this way, it is similar to the story of the crossing of seasons and animals.

Earlier this game was famous on PC, but now fans can play it on mobile as well.

This game is single player only there is no multiplayer option.

But if you are looking for a casual and comfortable farming existence this could be right up your alley.

The size of the game is 1.2GB and the game is offline.

So, if you wants to play offline-farming best survival games for android then you should definitely try this game.

7. Project EOE

Project EOE is a high graphic survival game for android

Now I know what you are going to say after watching this game.

It’s not a PC game, it’s not a console game, but the graphics make it so.

Actually, this is a high graphics game for mobile.

It is a multiplayer online sandbox survival title game.

In this game, you will join an adventurer on his survival journey through hostile territory.

Throughout the various games you play, you’ll have to collect elements that shoot monsters, and make contact with other characters.

Overall it’s a great game, but obviously, the main attraction is the console-quality graphics.

The size of Project EOE is 7.7GB and the game is online.

This is one of the best game for those who are looking for high graphics best survival games for android.

8. Let’s Survive – Survival Game

As you can guess from the name it is a survival game similar to Last Day on Earth.

The story takes place in the future when an unknown virus breaks out, and civilization quickly disintegrates.

Only a few humans survive.

As one of those humans, your main goal is just to survive and look for resources and items.

You need to craft various weapons to strengthen your shelter, repel attacks of zombies and bosses, and monitor your health.

In the game, you can build and craft things as you like, as well as drive a car.

Overall it’s a good game that doesn’t really offer anything unique, but it’s offline.

The size of Let’s Survive game is just 120MB and the game is offline.

Game has 1 Million+ downloads and 4.5 star ratings with 12.8k reviews on play store.

If you are looking for low size best survival games for android and you should definitely try this game.

9. Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a zombie based game.

Tomorrow is probably one of the deepest zombie games on mobile.

It’s set in a pretty big world where you wake up, somehow still alive as a mutant approach ready to eat your brain.

So as you can tell from that you’re gonna play as a survivor of the apocalypse whose sole objective is to try and forge some kind of existence in this terrible new world.

The tutorial of the game will teach you the basics of survival.

This tutorial covers gathering resources for crafting, and avoiding or fighting zombies.

In terms of gameplay, it plays a lot like Ark but without the dinosaurs.

Tomorrow is like a very dark day.

It’s very visually polished and has some solid touch controls.

To be honest I really enjoy playing it.

It is a fun post-apocalyptic adventure game like Last Day on Earth and Arc.

The size of the game is 152MB and the game is online.

10. Lost Light

An action survival game, boasting a surprisingly provides polished and complex gameplay experience.

This shooter game is based on three core gameplay elements, survival, warfare and progression.

This game promises a high-risk and high-return as players will have to plan out, how they enter a map and scavenge for supplies.

As for the progression portion of its gameplay, well that’s linked to the upgrading and trading systems.

The concept of the game is almost similar to the Escape From Tarkov PC game, but overall, it is a great game with good graphics and controls.

This is one of the best survival game among all the best survival games for android.

Th size of the game is 1.9GB and the game is online.

Lost Light has 1 Million+ downloads and game has 4.4 star ratings with 0.1 Million+ reviews on play store.

11. The Haven Star

The heaven star

It is one of the new realistic survival games in the post-apocalyptic world.

The game has a large open-world environment which is infested with zombies.

The core gameplay loop revolves around finding and fortifying strongholds.

You must explore the world to rescue survivors and collect resources such as food and equipment.

Of course, you have to defend your bases from zombie attacks.

The game also has cooperative multiplayer modes.

Unlike many other survival games in the market, Heaven Star is not about killing zombies.

The player must try to escape by cleaning and managing resources.

This is one of the best survival game among all the best survival games for android.

The size of the Haven Star is 2.5GB and the game is online.

12. Love & Survival

Love and Survival is best game for android

In this game, you will take care of a family that has moved to a deserted island after the end of the world.

The goal here is to survive and ensure the safety of the family.

But due to the limited resources on the island, you must venture far enough to survive.

The game has great graphics, and the atmosphere is very relaxing.

Plus, you’ll love the big rabbit and the swimming mechanism, overall, it’s going to be a great sport.


So, these are the best survival games for android and some of them are already available on pc also.

If you has good device that support high graphics then you should definitely play “Fading City, Project Arrival, Project EOE, and The Heaven Star.

In case you have medium spec device then you should play “Project Star, My Time at Portia, and Lost Light.

Rest of the games are also best survival games for android you can play them in your low spec mobile devices.

If you are want to add any other game in this list then comment below.

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