Game Similar to Minecraft For Android

Are you looking for a game similar to minecraft then, you are on the right website. Just take a quick look at a new game on android.

If you like to play Minecraft and want another interesting game just like the Minecraft game then you should read below.

Here we are going to discuss a new android game just like Minecraft known as “My Time at Portia“.

How to download this game and how’s its gaming experience.

Earlier, it is only available for consoles and pcs only, but now it is available on android devices also.

About The My Time At Portia:

“My Time at Portia” is a 3D simulation RPG.

The game is set in a time when civilization is being revived after the destruction of the world.

The player takes the role of the protagonist, who travels to the small town of Portia to inherit a workshop left to him/her by his/her father.

The protagonist has to collect resources by cutting, gathering, digging, fighting, planting, farming, etc.

And process all the resources in his workshop, fulfilling orders from the Chamber of Commerce and the town’s inhabitants.

The protagonist will make his workshop better and better with the town’s construction.

At the starting of the game, you will get an option to customize your character.

You can customize your face type, hair, eye mouth, and decoration as well. You can choose the voice of your character.

How To Download:

You can download it from tap tap store.

Publisher of the game: Nuverse

Size of the game: 1.1GB

Genres: Simulation

Required Android Version: 4.4 or above.

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