Project Ragnarok, Project Atlas NetEase Games Download

Here are NetEase New Games For Android with high graphics including Project Ragnarok & Project Atlas NetEase games with download link.

Just take a quick look at new games developed by NetEase developers.

Let’s know about the top 10 upcoming android games by NetEase developers. These games are going to be an open world as well as high graphics.

Let’s go!!!

10. Frost Punk Mobile:

Frost Punk Mobile

This game is popular on pcs and consoles, but now very soon it will be available on android devices also.

The game is set in a frozen world after the post-apocalyptical environment.

Your character wants to develop the whole city again and wants to re-establish society again.

You can consider it as a city-building game.

The graphics of the game is going to be top-notch.

9. City Mobile:

City Mobile

City mobile is also known as the last of us. Last of us is a console game but, City Mobile is almost similar to this game.

In this game, you are going to see how the world is going to destroy because of zombies.

Here, a black mist is spread over the world, and every human is going to be killed by that mist.

But you are here to protect the world from the black mist and fight against zombies.

8. Project M:

Project M

NetEase is one of the best games developer teams, and this team has the talent to copy other games.

But just because of NetEase, today we can play lots of amazing pcs and consoles games on mobile devices, thanks to NetEase.

Project M is going to be similar to the valorant mobile game.

7. Xinghai Survival:

Xinghai Survival

This game is going to be interesting because in this game human civilization is about to extinct.

You have to save the world and have to re-build the cities and re-establish the society again.

It is an open-world game where you have to collect things and have to build a shelter for yourself, weapons and tools, etc.

6. Mission Zero:

Mission Zero

Mission Zero is also known as Hitman Mobile because this game provides the same experience as the hitman mobile game.

You have to kill your target in stealth mode just like a hitman game.

This game is going to be multiplayer there, it is going to be popular.

This game is a good combination of the hitman and among us game.

5. Vive Le Football:

Vive Le Football

Vive Le Football is going to be one of the best games on android for football lovers.

The graphics and visuals of the games are going to be top-notch, similar to console games.

4. Onmyoji The World:

Onmyoji The World:

This game will shatter your all expectations.

In this game, you can fight with swords in an open-world environment.

This game is going to be multiplayer.

Earlier, this game is only available for pcs and consoles. But now, very soon it is available on android devices also.

3. Project Ragnarok:

Project Ragnarok

This game is based on north mythology.

The graphics of this game is going to be top-notch just like consoles and pc game’s graphics.

It is an open-world story-based game.

2. Project Atlas:

Project Atlas

Project Atlas is going to an underwater game.

This is the first underwater game of this kind. So, get ready to fight underwater.

So, if you love the underwater environment, then you should try this game.

1. Code: T:

Code: T

If you know about cyberpunk 2077 then you will get an idea about this game.

Now we have to chance to see cyberpunk city on our mobile.

It is an open-world game with console-level graphics.

It is going to be one of the best games developed by NetEase.

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