Top Mind Blowing League of Legends Unknown Facts

These are the top mind blowing League of Legends Unknown Facts and secrets as well as useful information for gamers.

Those who love to play League of Legends game should definitely know about these unknown facts and secrets.

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Leagues of Legends Unknown Facts

These facts about the League of Legends game include revenue, player counts, and interesting secrets.

Let’s know these interesting facts and secrets in detail.

1. Creator of League of Legends

Steve Feak is the person behind League of Legends.

Steve Feak is considered a founding father of League of Legends.

Indeed, the DOTA mod in Warcraft 3 was created by Steve Feak, and the mod later became a stand-alone game in the form of League of Legends.

Steve Feak is still working on League of Legends.

Yes, the League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients mod in Warcraft share the same creator.

2. Riot’s Customer Support and Help

League of Legends Help and Support is really good.

There are a lot of online games available in the market nowadays and every popular game has customer support.

It is said that the customer support of Riot is the best support and assistance provider as compared to the support of any other game.

In fact, Riot’s customer support department ranks number 1 for their services.

It is not just about technical approach or knowledge about the job, Riot’s agents are genuinely compassionate and empathetic in nature.

They respond and resolve all issues as soon as possible.

3. League of Legends Revenue

One of the best things about League of Legends is that it is free-to-play game for everyone.

Still, Riot Games earns well every year from League of Legends itself.

Till July 2022, League of Legends has made approximately $8.5 billion.

In the year 2022, their revenue was $1.8 billion.

The game was released in 2009 and almost $6 billion in revenue was generated in the last 4 years only.

This means that 70% of its total revenue was generated from 2018 to 2022.

This amount is breathtaking because League of Legends is a free-to-play game.

There are lots of games available in the market and their revenue isn’t even close to League of Legends.

This revenue shows the user’s love towards the League of Legends as well as the developer’s hard work.

4. The Partnership between League of Legends and Fashion Brands

League of Legends character

Due to the popularity of the game, collaboration did not pose a difficulty.

League of Legends has a good partnership with Louis Vuitton.

In 2019, League of Legends held its biggest tournament and the trophy case for that tournament was designed by Louis Vuitton.

Do you know? The original damage lines of the skins that League of Legends users love have been created with the help of Louis Vuitton.

5. Players and Hours Details

League of Legends is now become one of the most popular online games.

Do you know? League of Legends crossed 11 million users worldwide in just two years of its release.

In 2017, their total number of users were more than 100 million, but in the year 2018, these numbers dropped to 75 million.

After that, Riot Games use many of the strategies and they increased their user from 75 million to 117 million in 2019.

In the year 2021, the total number of users of the game was 149 million.

But in the year 2022, the total number of users reached 180 million.

At present, League of Legends is played 32 million hours per day by 180 million active users.

One of the main reasons behind the growth of the League of Legends is the interesting new event, tournaments as well as championships.

6. Story Behind Zilean’s Name

Do you know? There is a small story behind the Chronokeeper Zilean.

The name Zilean is taken from the Riot Games’ design director Tom Zileas’ name.

Actually, Tom Zileas is the person behind the World of Warcraft and Warcraft 3.

7. League of Legends Popularity

League of Legends is a worldwide popular game and 18% of its total user are comes from only USA.

In fact, League of Legends is much more popular in North America.

Europe Nordic and East is on the second position with 12% of total users.

Brazil has 8% of total users and Turkey has 5% of total users.

There are more countries in which League of Legends become a popular game.

8. Jhin and Number 4 Obsession

League of Legends Jhin Obsession with number 4

Jhin is one of the most recognized characters among all the League of Legends characters.

But he is also popular as a meme material because of his obsession with the number 4.

Everything related to Jhin always revolves around the number 4.

Just type JHIN on your keyword and notice that you are actually drawing number four.

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League of Legends Download For Free

League of Legends is a free-to-play game worldwide.

The official download button is available below to download the game.

Everyone should know about the minimum as well as recommended system requirements before downloading the game.

Minimum System Requirements:

Operation System – Windows7, 8 or 10
ProcessorIntel Core i3 530 or AMD A6-3650
Storage16GB HDD
Direct XDX10-Level Hardware
GraphicsNVidia GeForce 9600GT or AMD HD 6570 or Intel HD 4600 Integrated Graphics

Recommended System Requirements:

Operation System – Windows10
ProcessorIntel Core i5 3300 or AMD Ryzen 3 1200
Storage16GB SSD
Direct XDX11-Level Hardware
GraphicsNVidia GeForce 560 or AMD Radeon HD 6950 or Intel UHD 630 Integrated Graphics

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So, these are the top best League of Legends Secrets and Facts that everyone should know.

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