Marvel’s Midnight Suns | New Marvel Game

New Marvel Game “Marvel’s Midnight Suns” was announced today.

This tactical RPG is set on the darker side of the marvel universe.

Launch Date of Marvel’s Midnight Suns:

Midnight sun’s group is going to be earth’s last line of defense against the underworld.

The launch date of marvel’s midnight suns is march 2022. That means, marvel’s midnight suns a new marvel game is going to launch six months after.

Watch the actual game of marvel’s midnight suns on September 1st at 11:30 AM PT.

This game is not a mobile game, it seems to be pc or console game or a combination of the two.

But it does promise a lot of really exciting things including its launch trailer. Watch the trailer and tell us your views in the comments.

The sounds effects and voice acting is honestly really good. Do you know what’s really cool about this game? Not only is the gameplay but the characters of the game are so freaking cool.

Captain Marvel, wolverine, iron man, captain America, doctor strange, and many more characters are featured in this game.

Popular heroes, mutants & even lesser-known superheroes are also featured in this game and that’s really a good thing.

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New Marvel Game | Marvel's Midnight Suns

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This game is a result of the partnership between 2k and marvel entertainment. They are going to make marvel’s midnight suns which are going to be a tactical RPG.

It’s gonna be launching on play station 5, play station 4, Xbox, pc, and epic game store.

Basically, it is coming to every single console both previous and new next-gen consoles and Xbox.

Share your views about this new marvel game in the comments.

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