Who Invented Video Games? | History of Video Games

Do you want to to Who Invented Video Games? Everyone loves to play video games. At present, we have lots of options like PUBG, CODM, Apex Legends, etc.

Do you know about the first video game in the world or about the development of gaming consoles?

Let’s talk about these kinds of questions today.

At present, there are lots of games available on pc, mobile, Xbox, and console.

Who Invented Video Games:

Around 50 years ago, video games were weird and boring.

Initially, video games were only used for training and research purposes.

The first game developed in 1958 was named “Tennis For Two”. Tennis is the first video game developed in the world.

Tennis For Two- gameznews
Tennis For Two

But, within one year game was unpopular because of two reasons.

The first one is the game is too costly. And second is, the game was not so exciting because there was nothing more except the ball is jumping from left to right and right to left.

After that game, lots of developers tried to make puzzle games, board games, and other sports games. But not a single game has become popular because of its high price and no enjoyment.

But, one person who is known as the father of video games is Mr. Ralph Henry Baer. He was a German American inventor who made the first popular video game.

Who Invented Video Games- gameznews
Who Invented Video Games

Because that time the price of the TV was much cheaper as compare to buy a gaming system.

So, he had an idea to make a device that can be attached to TV and people can enjoy games on their TV.

After, a lot of hard work, he invented that device and make the first game for TV named pong.

In 1978 a console comes in front that can be connected with the TV and people can play the game.

This game becomes so much popular within one year that 100,000 units of pong sold out.

After that, lots of brands came in front with the same idea but all those games were not quality.

Due to high competition, the gaming market was crashed.


Two years later, in the year 1980, a game came on front named packman. Packman was hit game at that time.

Four years later, in the year 1984, a game named Duck Hunt was also a hit game.

But, the revolutionary game was Super Mario in the year 1985. After super Mario, there were lots of games are developed and become popular games.

Tekken was developed in 1994 year & Prince of Persia is developed in the 1995 year and both games become popular games.

That was a time when computers become cheaper and coin-based arcade machines were developed.

Coin based system was much popular because people can play games outside the home.

In the year 1997, the original GTA game was developed. Today we have GTA 5 with high-level graphics.

After 1997 gaming industries were on their way to make better games as possible.

Consoles cartridge changed into CDs, DVDs and we have now blue ray & storage.

Today’s consoles are not only used to play video games but also used for internet browsing, social media, and movies, etc.

Do you know? Even today games are used for military training and research purpose.

There are lots of researches proved already that games help to improve human abilities.

Do you know? People who used to play action games have faster response times as compare to those who don’t play.

Now, games are like the real world but don’t forget it all started with “Tennis For Two” games.

Tell me your first favorite video game in the comments.

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