PUBG Mobile India Ban Again | BGMI Ban Again

PUBG Mobile India Ban Again, Battlegrounds Mobile India Ban Again, BGMI is a big threat to the security of India & the privacy of our citizens. Beware! Battlegrounds Mobile India fake apps.

New updates regarding the android game Battleground Mobile India ban again.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Ban Again:

Beware! Battlegrounds Mobile India fake apps.

Beware! Battlegrounds Mobile India fake apps
Beware! Battlegrounds Mobile India fake apps

Earlier there are several fake apk of BGMI that were only available on websites. Now, these kinds of fake apk are also available on the play store.

As we all know that BGMI didn’t launch yet so, please do not download the fake apk of BGMI, there are some apk only for information.

Threat To Security of India:

Respected MLA MR. Ninong Ering tweeted to our Respected PM of India Narendra Modi Ji regarding security concerns.

BGMI is a big threat to the security of India & the privacy of our citizens
BGMI is a big threat to the security of India & the privacy of our citizens

He said that BGMI is a big threat to the security of India & the privacy of our citizens and a way to circumvent & disregard our laws.

So, we can see there are two kinds of people first who support it and second who do not support it.

According to some tweets, India can not build a game like BGMI then why you are stopping it.

Maybe they don’t know that India is full of talented people and it is known to the world. India is best in outsourcing and Indians are on top in the field of the graphics department, animated series, movie CGI, or game development.

The gaming sector is not a popular sector in India. Do you know? to build a game like BGMI required thousands of corer rupees. If someone ready to invest this much amount in India then India can build better games. India can build anything good at a minimum price.

Also, there are many games already launched which are made by India like Yuddha Bhoomi, Players on Retaliation, Wex Mobile, and Lands of Pride.

Continue your reading about PUBG Mobile India Ban.

Let us know if this tweet will affect BGMI:

There are a number of articles and videos are circulating regarding the battlegrounds mobile India ban.

Just because of a tweet, video, or any article any app can not be ban or can not be unbanned. Using social media we can build up pressure or can raise our opinion because of the right to speech. But there are things that have to be of concern.

First, let us know if there is any privacy breach found in this game or they try to enter India in the wrong way like by change the name of the same game or any other way.

Then the Ministry of Electronics of India and other Indian authorities who regulate these kinds of things will check it and definitely ban the game.

This means there is no need for any video, tweet, or article because our government is so advance that they will do everything which is right for us.

So, if anything goes wrong then obviously BGMI will be ban. But if everything will be okay & Krafton will do everything in the right way such as no link from China, no link from Tencent, servers in India, and secure full data then the game will not be banned.

Banned PUBG Mobile’s Indian User Data Still Lying Online:

Do you know? Banned pubg mobile games still have our data such as I’d, battle royale passes, UC, etc. is still online and is accessible till today.

Many users tried to know that is their data still online or not & they found it accessible and of course, it can affect BGMI also.

If the company does anything wrong then BGMI will be going to be banned definitely.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date:

BGMI may be released on the 18th of June 2021.

On the 10th of June, we will get a trailer or a teaser.

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