Do you think that India can’t make good battle royale games or India don’t have talented developers. Then read about these TOP 5 INDIAN BATTLE ROYALE GAMES, MADE IN INDIA BATTLE ROYALE GAMES FOR ANDROID.

1. Yuddha Bhoomi:

Yuddha Bhoomi
Yuddha Bhoomi

You can play in both FPP as well as in TPP view. It is free to play and belongs to battle royale games. Yuddha Bhoomi is now available for play stations also.

You can use various types of weapons with customized skins. The graphics of the game is top notch and too realistic as compare to other battle royale games.

You will get chance to drive cars, choppers as well as auto and tractors also. These kind of different things make it an interesting and enjoyable games. So, you should try it at least once and motivate our developers to make more batter games.

2. Players on Retaliation:

Players on Retaliation

Players on Retaliation also known as POR has very smooth and easy controls. The visuals and graphics of the game is really good and realistic.

The maps of this game is based on Indian location means you will get a chance to fight at Indian locations.

You can customize your all the weapons as well as your characters. It has both view first person as well as third person and you will get different modes like Team death match.

One of the most interesting thing about this game is the players can do parker also. According to the developers you will get more in this game in future updates.

3. WEX Mobile:

WEX Mobile

Wex mobile covers all the things loved by battle ground players. It has first person, third person, better graphics, team deathmatch, Vehicle driving and an open world environment.

According to the developers of this game, they will launch it when game will free from all the glitches and bugs.

You may get chance to play it between the December 2021 and January 2022.

WEX mobile is one of the best example of the made in India battle royale game.

You will 8*8km map for battle royale mode with gyroscopic support.

Continue your reading about MADE IN INDIAN BATTLE ROYALE GAMES.

4. Lands of Pride:

Lands of Pride
Lands of Pride

You will get various modes in this game such as Battle royale mode, Team deathmatch mode, Free for all, Elimination, Domination, Cover point and Demolition.

This game also has team chat and voice chat support as well as you various types of customized weapons and characters.

You have to push yourself on higher level as you can. It has both Indian as well as foreign maps.

This game will be coming for mobile devices as well as PCs

5. SICO Mobile:

SICO Mobile
SICO Mobile

First you will get multiplayer mode in it and after the feedback developers will add battle royale mode also.

This game has numbers of maps to play along with top notch graphics.

So, try it and motivate Indian developers to make more interesting games.

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