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Are you looking for good anime games? then you are at right place. Here are Top 10 Anime Games For Android.

May do not know about anime community then read it and you will love the anime.

Read it and get news about some bonus games in the end of the page.

1. My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero:

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero
My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

Do you know about this anime. The anime community is above the Bollywood, Hollywood, movie and series because amine character gets a depth, action scenes are too much real and there is a logic behind everything.

Anime community do not just end anything, they describe everything behind any event.

Same thing you will get in this game also. In this game a child watch a hero on TV known as all might who saves the life of people from any kind of danger with a beautiful smile on his face everytime.

All might becomes the inspiration for main protagonist of the game Deku. Deku tries to become like all might but after sometime he realise that he do not have any kind of special power.

The story of the game is all about deku, how he gets the power and it fighting just like his inspiration all might. You get all the thing of my hero academia anime series. including all might plus ultra.

The size of the game is 3GB and the game is online.

2. One Piece Fighting Path:

One Piece Fighting Path

It is the one of the best anime game on the planet earth. One piece is considered as longest anime and still it is famous.

This game has a journey of finding treasure.

Are you also watching one piece amine? tell us in the comment section.

It is a 3D gameplay with top notch graphics and good storyline.

The size of the game is 1.6GB and the game is online.

You may do not all the games on the play store but you can download these from tap tap store.

3. Naruto Slugfest X:

Naruto Slugfest X

This game shows similar journey of Naruto series. You will get an open world environment as well as all the characters of the Naruto.

The graphics of the game are looks good. The size of the game is 2GB and the game is online.

Bonus Naruto Game:

Ultimate Storm

4. Komori Life:

Komori Life

Life of a girl is a main story point of this game. How this girl do farming, cooking and other works in her life.

It is an open world environment game.

This game has really beautiful graphics and sceneries, landscapes and locations make it more beautiful.

The size of the game is 1.87GB and the game is online.

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5. Attack on Titan Fanmade:

Attack on Titan Fanmade

This game needs improvement according to the anime of attack on titan. Still this kind of games are popular and very less in availability.

The size of the game is just 140MB and the game is offline.

It is an open world environment game is in which you are in fanmade city and you will see titans in that city.

You can fight, you can choose your favorite character, overall you will get a good experience.

It is not official game, it developed by a developers and now he is not working on it.

But if you are a fan of attack on titan anime then you should try it at least once.

6. Bleach Mobile 3D:

Bleach Mobile 3D

Bleach is well known anime for its fighting style and action.

Similarly in this game you will get a chance to fight just like bleach anime.

The size of this 3D game is 1GB and the game is online.

7. Sword Art Online Black Swordsman: Ace:

Sword Art Online Black Swordsman: Ace

This game is in its beta stages, beta version is open beta means everyone can play it. If want to enjoy now then you can download it and send your feedback to developers.

You can pre-register it on tap tap store.

It is an open world fantasy RPG game with top notch graphics in which you have to fight with your sword.

The size of the game is 500MB and the game is online.

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8. Shin Hukuto Musou:

Shin Hukuto Musou

In this game you have to make combos using your different abilities and powers.

You have fight against many bosses and sometimes lots of enemy will attack on you at the same time.

9. One Punch Man World:

One Punch Man World

It is an upcoming game for mobile devices. You will get it for mobile very soon.

You will see the all the characters of the one punch man’s anime and you have to fight with dangerous enemies.

The season one of the one punch man anime series is implemented in this games.

In this anime series the main hero can kill anyone from his punch but that is not exciting for the hero but we get interesting storyline of the anime.

This anime has two series now and third one is coming soon. So, let’s finish these two series first.

Bonus Games:

1. Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Battle:

This series is made by same studio who made one punch man anime. The size of the game is 1GB and the game is online.

The main protagonist of this game can beat anyone using his psychic power.

2. God of High School:

The animation quality of this anime is too good. The action of this anime make t more interesting.

You will see the too much fighting in anime series as well as in the game.

10. Dragon Ball Strongest Warriors:

Dragon Ball Strongest Warriors

If you like to watch anime series then you are definitely know about dragon ball anime.

In the game you will get same characters of dragon ball series as well as fighting.

The size of the game is 2GB and the game is totally online.

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