Apex Legends Mobile Global Release Date is Confirmed

Get exclusive news about Apex legends mobile global release date is confirmed, Valorant mobile closed beta and return of payday crime war.

All the popular pc games are now available on mobile or they are under development.

Apex legends Mobile Release Date:

Apex Legends Mobile Global Release Date
Apex Legends Mobile

A new Apex legends mobile trailer is coming soon on their official YouTube channel. There are going to make there all the social media pages very soon.

Open beta of apex legends mobile is going to launch in the 1st or 2nd week of November. We already participated in 3 open betas and now we are going to participate in the 4th beta test.

In this beta test, you can have 120fps support, max graphics as well as unlocked characters.

In the month of March, the apex legends mobile is going to be a soft launch.

There is a difference between soft launch and beta versions.
“Soft launch gives you all the global version features for everyone without using VPN whereas beta version is only available for limited users”.

There is good news about this soft launch is that you can continue your soft launch game id to the global version.

That means if you are going to participate in the soft launch and get exclusive skins or guns. Then you can use all those things in the global version also.

Breaking: Apex Legends Mobile launches worldwide on iOS and Android on May 17.

Other Games Like Apex Legends Mobile- Release Date:

Payday Crime War Return:

payday crime war return release date
Payday Crime War Return

Yes, the payday crime war is going to return very soon. This game is popular among those who love to fight against the police and want to do bank heists in video games.

The close beta of payday is going to launch in December 2022. If you want to participate in this close beta, then go and register now.

Now developers are showing the screenshots of the new maps and showing the graphics of the game to create a hike about the game.

Are you excited or not? Please tell us in the comment section.

Valorant Mobile Global Release Date:

Valorant mobile release date
Valorant Mobile

The Valorant Mobile’s official date is confirmed, and maybe you already know about it because the riot game already told that in the past.

The valorant mobile is going to in the first half of 2022. Most probably it is going to launch in April month of 2022.

There is a leak that the closed beta of valorant mobile is coming very soon. There is a higher chance that closed beta will available till December month.

Recently, riot games posted a vacancy for their technical staff to check the mobile performance.

So, we got an idea that valorant mobile development is now finished and their developers are working on polishing the game.

They are working to remove bugs and glitches. Therefore there are looking for soft engineers all over the world including India.

Overall we can say that it is in its testing phase that means the close beta is going to launch very soon.

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