Biggest Game Maps Which are Bigger Than Earth

Every game lover should know about these open-world games having the biggest game maps that are larger than earth having many galaxies.

Open-word games are the best games because we can do anything and we can explore new locations.

As we know, technology become more advanced day by day, and the size of gaming maps is also increasing as well as now we are making biggest game maps.

There are lots of games where we can not explore the full map in our lifetime. Some maps are just similar to the cities and too much realistic.

Let’s know about all these games. Maybe, you already know about some of the games but, I am sure you don’t know about all these games on the list.

Biggest Game Maps Ever Made:

1. Minecraft Map Size:

Minecraft map size is 600 million square kilometers
Minecraft video game

We all know about the Minecraft game because it is one of the most popular games among gamers. It is considered as one of the addictive games.

Lots of people think that Minecraft map is a never-ending map but it is just a myth about the game.

Do you know? The total area of Minecraft is 600 million square kilometers. Forget about the earth because the size of Minecraft is about Neptune planet.

The size of the Neptune is 57 larger than earth. Now, just imagine the size of the Neptune in which 57 earth can be contained.

So, now you can understand that why you can not explore the full map of Minecraft game in your whole life.

Maybe you are thinking that how someone can develop that much largest map? The answer is “they are procedure generated map” which mean they are computer generated maps.

Therefore it doesn’t matter how much far you go, you can always see the water bodies, mountains or caves, etc.

If you are also a Minecraft lover then mention that how much distance you traveled in this game in the comments.

There are many records are set by gamers. Even one record is present in the Guinness book of world records.

There is a guy who explored Minecraft about 4000 kilometers.

2. Star Control 2: The Urquan Masters Map Size:

Star control 2: the urquan masters video game size includes 500 stars and 300 planets
Star control 2: the urquan masters video game

This game is on the list because it is the oldest known game developed in 1992 having map largest than earth.

Off-course it is a 2D game but trust me it should be present in this list because of its developers’ vision.

The map of this game is itself our galaxy milky way. In reality, there are millions of stars and planets are found in a milky way but in this game, there are only 500 stars and 300 planets.

Still, it has a map that is larger than earth. This game is one of the greatest pc games because it has stars, exo-planets and you can travel in hyperspace and aliens.

Yes, there is a total of 25 alien species are present in this game, and we can interact with all of them.

Basically, in this game, our earth is captured by urquan, and we have to recapture our home planet Earth.

Go and explore space, collect resources and build your army by interacting with aliens.

But not all the aliens are going to support you so get ready for the action.

Now just imagine that their lots of things involves in this 30-year-old game developed on old technology.

Therefore, this game is added to this list.

This game is also known as one of the most underrated games and is praised for its voice acting.

Did you already know about this game? Tell us in the comment section below.

3. Spore – 120000 Planets:

Spore video game size includes 45000 stars and 120000 planets
Spore video game

The spore is a different kind of game because you are going to be the god.

You can choose any planet in this game and can generate your species. Then you have to grow that species and have to protect it from enemies.

There are growing stages of the species like cell stage, creature stage, trivial stage, civilization stage, space stage, and then you travel in the intergalactic space by making your own spaceship.

The galaxy of this game has 45,000 stars and 12,000,0 planets. If you are able to explore 10 planets in one day then you need 35 years to visit all the planets.

But there is no need to explore all the planets to complete the stories.

4. No Man’s Sky:

No man's sky video game has 255 galaxies
No man’s sky video game

Seriously, this game has a much larger map than the above games. No man’s sky has 255 galaxies and 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets.

If you are going to explore 1 planet per second then you need to live 600 billion years to visit all the planets.

Do not stop reading because there are more games those having maps bigger than this.

This game has 4 main elements “exploration, survival, combat, and trading”. You have to explore the planets and have to collect items.

Each and every planet has its own environment which is different from the rest of the others.

If you like any planet then you can add it to your favorite list and set up your base on that planet.

It is a multiplayer game that means you can survive together.

But the problem is you can respawn millions of lightyears far than your partner therefore it is difficult to meet the same person after respawn.

5. Star Citizen:

Star citizen video game size is 400 quadrillion cubic kilometers
Star citizen video game

It is the largest crowd-funded game ever made because this game raise money more than 300 million from 2012.

That means people want to play this game so, they donate money for it. Still, the game is not fully released.

The developers of this have a good vision, and they want to make this game a remarkable game.

The area of this game is going to be 400 quadrillion cubic kilometers, and they are going to use 64-bit architecture to make it bigger.

Another game like no man’s sky is procedure generated, but star citizen’s developers are not completely relying on procedure generation therefore they are working harder to make it an amazing game.

Developers want to make a high graphics game as well as a detailed game.

But all the game lovers waiting for it therefore star citizen is released in stages. The alpha stage of this game is available to play.

You can explore the universe as well as you and fight with enemies.

It is a multiplayer online game.

6. Elite Dangerous – 1:1 Scale galaxies Map:

Elite dangerous video game has 400 billion star systems
Elite dangerous video game

The Elite dangerous game is especially focused on our milky way galaxy. But this game has a 1:1 scale galaxy that means the map of this game is equal to the real size of our milky way galaxy.

This game has 400 billion star systems. Those planets that are far away from the earth are generate by the procedure. But close planets and start systems have detailed architecture.

It is an RPG game in which you have a spaceship and money. You have to participate in various activities to earn money for your survival.

7. Eve Online – Biggest Game Map Ever:

Eve online video game has biggest game map among all other maps
Eve online video game

Eve-online is an MMO RPG game that means massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

In this game, you have to play in a clan and have to fight against other clans to make you better.

You have to collect minerals to upgrade your ships and weapons.

Lots of people already like to play this game because it is an interesting game.

To understand the size of this game is you have to know about the astronomical unit (AU) which is equal to the distance between the earth and the sun.

1 astronomical unit is equal to 1.50*10^11 meters.

The size of the one-star system in this game is approximately 17 AU, and this game has 8,000 star systems.

The total size of the map is 249 sextillion square kilometers, and therefore it is known as the biggest game map size game ever made.


So, these are games that have the biggest game maps. Most of the games are space games because we are talking about games that are the biggest game maps.

Now, you know that the size of the Minecraft game is 600 million square kilometers which is almost equal to the Neptune area.
Play anyone, and do not forget to share your experience with us.

Eve online have largest map among all the biggest game maps therefore eve online is the king when we are talking about biggest game maps in gaming industry.

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