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Nowadays, there are lots of users playing Call of Duty Mobile by using the hack. Everyone wants to know that how to identify the hacker.

CODM is one of the most famous games nowadays. Lots of users love CODM because of the superb graphics.

People like to play game modes like hardpoint, search & destroy, domination, frontline, and team deathmatch, etc.

Every player wants to reach a legendary rank. But nowadays, lots of users using a hack to play better than others or to show off.

Earlier, users used to turn on their hack at the very beginning of the game.

Therefore, they used to be suspicious to everyone and reported by other players.

At present, users turn on their hack when they are going to defeat so they can win the game.

Now, hackers have become smarter so they use their hacks in between games for short periods of time. Due to this, they are not identified by other players.

Some users behave as if they don’t have some sort of hack, but always maintain themselves in MVP status.

Many hackers die to show their enemies that they don’t have any kind of hack.

Now, everyone is wondering how to identify hacker in the game? So that, other players can report it.

There are three major highlighted points are shown below that can help you to find hackers in the game.

Know-How To Identify Hacker below:

How To Identify The Hacker:

Lets discuss about those three points that can help you to find the hackers in the game.

These points not only work only for CODM, they also work for other games like BGMI, PUBG, etc.


  1. Movement Speed
  2. Pre-aiming
  3. Every bullet Hit or aimbot

These are three highlighted points that you should always remember to identify the hackers in the game. Let’s understand all of these in detail.

1. Movement:

Every game has defined its characters’ movement speed in the programming of that game.

Your character movement speed especially depends on what are you holding in your hand at that time.

Generally, higher mobility means higher speed when holding the gun in your hand.

Always remember, if someone running too much fast that means he is using a movement hack to move fast. Because the game does not permit that speed.

If anyone can move too fast without a hack that means all the users can also run that much fast.

But the real truth is users using the hack to move faster than anyone.

So, if someone is found moving too fast then report him because he is using a hack.

2. Pre-Aiming:

There are lots of users who are pre-aiming in the game because they know the exact location of the enemy every time by using the hack.

They always know that you are coming from which path so they are pre-aiming and kills you.

In this hack, your location is always exposed to the enemy even if you are hiding a secret location.

Sometimes, if you are hiding and nobody knows your location. But when a hacker comes he will slide and turn directly towards you and kills you.

They don’t even look to check the other side

So, if someone is found doing this kind of activity then report him immediately.

3. Every Bullet Hit or Aimbot:

In this hack, the enemy just touches the fire button, and every bullet hits you from any range.

It is impossible that not even a single bullet is wasting every time. Every gun has its limit.

Nowadays, Due to vertical & horizontal recoil, there is a higher probability that you can not hit every bullet to the enemy.

We are humans, and every human has their ability so, there is a higher probability that we miss the aim many times in the game.

Generally, these kinds of users are rush players, and they don’t have to do proper aim, so they use high fire rate guns.

If you meets such a user, you should report him as he is using the aimbot hack.


So, there are three types of hacks generally used by hackers in games, Movement hack, they know enemy location already, and Aimbot.

Lots of users using a combination of hacks, and you should always remember that they are trying to pretending they don’t have a hack.

If someone is found repeating any kind of hacking activity then report him immediately.

Lots of hackers initially play like bots and suddenly changed into ultra pro-level players, so be careful.

Many hackers use the hack to always be MVP position or to win the game at the last movement.

Be a true player and do not use the hack in your games.

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